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YAMAHA News Mate

A newspaper delivery model car equipped with a large front basket, a rear carrier, a large side stand and a headlight and turn signal on the front of the basket based on the mate 50.The normal headlight part has a built-in hand light that illuminates the inside of the basket.Received a minor change as a 2006 model, pasted a recycle mark newly and raised the price by 2,000 yen.The coloring was changed to a slightly deep color with the same blue series.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 49
แรงม้าสูงสุด 4.7ps(3.5kw)/6000rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 0.6kg・m(5.9N・m)/5000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 97kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 5ลิตร

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