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Once I installed on my Magnesium rim, it can not hold air pressure at all and I almost ruin my V4. It was a big trouble as I need to call Ducati service team to bring a spare wheel in order to tow my V4 to change a stock one back on rims. I recommend not to buy but if you willing to try its up to you guy. Almost had an accident because of this shitty thing.

R1200GS (No servos) Exchange with Bethra from OEMPad at. RearBrake Caliper is high fever. It got a high fever as much as it smells, disc is purple. OEMPad After buying and exchanging a new item Caliper will be at normal temperature. Evaluation is low as this situation.

HP2 SPORT 190 / When it is 55 Tire, when I remove STAND it is not easy to escape straight, so I was at first confused.
By slanting slightly when pulling out, you can exit without problems.
I think that it is better if ShaftEnd peace does not rub within Axle when the genus is rubbed a bit more than Shaft.

Oil and Filter, choose high things, exchange Cycle (Mileage) Shorten it, it is a principle to exchange frequently, so I chose it by COSPA priority. I have not exchanged yet, but the texture is impressive nothing special. After replacement, I would like to consider buying again unless it is fatal.

Regardless of the weather, I feel that it shows stable performance.

In the case of luxury goods, they are being chamfered, but since this product has not been done, squeal etc etc. Measures are necessary if you are concerned.

I would have liked to attach a few images of the bike with the exhaust when I posted the review. Please enjoy the attached images of a really fabulous exhaust system.

I have just installed this exhaust system by Sasaki of Japan on my 2008 HP2 Megamoto in Australia. It is the gentlemen's performance exhaust, not obnoxious and no removable baffle to hound the neighbours but not to be underestimated for its exhaust performance, horse power increase and audible rev anger. 6 kg saving on stocko chromed tin thing due to the full titanium piping and cannister, watch as the ti piping takes on your personal riding style with majestic rainbowing and blue-ing that is characterised by the rider's individuality and forever changing colours. Perfect fit, no concerns with fitting. Will need, however, a revision to the rear cannister mount to be siliconised rubber or some such instead of the solid alu bush to reduce 4th gear gyroscopic engine misbehaviour at 60km/h. Great exhaust, quite a hoot.

I always use it when I exchange with a reliable Brand.

One-shot startability has not changed,

Touring not to use for a long time, staying

It can be used with confidence.