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KAWASAKI Z1000 (Water-cooled)

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Once I installed on my Magnesium rim, it can not hold air pressure at all and I almost ruin my V4. It was a big trouble as I need to call Ducati service team to bring a spare wheel in order to tow my V4 to change a stock one back on rims. I recommend not to buy but if you willing to try its up to you guy. Almost had an accident because of this shitty thing.

The price is as it is, but the feeling I saw is reasonable.
When it gets warmer I will run and check fee Ring.
We are experimenting with prices from cheap Parts of one third of this. If the performance is not appropriate, the price will be lost.

We installed the MRA Screen on the W650, but purchased it as a measure against the coldness of the fingertip. I tried running for about 30 minutes when the maximum temperature was around 10 degrees, but I ran enough in summer Gloves.

Previously I used Puppy 's Handlebar Cover, but I felt bothersome on desorption and hand - operated operation I bought a WorldWalk Knuckle guard. It is also solidly made, windshield effect is high and it can respond to sudden rain all seasons seems to be used. Just when the temperature was below 5 degrees, I felt that long distances were hard even if there is Grip heater. A little more Reduction in cost It is a wonderful item that I think the number of users will increase if it can be done.

Replace the Plug of the vehicle purchased with a used car.
It is an exchange from the installed Denso's Standard Plug BP 5 HA.
Although it is Petit Imp, it seems that startability has improved.
I am looking forward to the future course.

I purchase it almost once a year.
Half day is placed in a sunny place, but still in about a year the color completely fades, cracks come in.
But it cost me five thousand yen so it will cost me again.

Feeling of use
As expected, it is sweeter than Bolt stoppage to Carrier, so if it is a box with a horizontal width, it will become more severe for the unbalance of luggage etc.
However, it is fixed more firmly than expected, and there is little wobble.
I am wearing a box named B 47 of GIVI, but I think that the box width up to about 30 L is about 40 cm, so I feel that the feeling of use does not change from the one fixed to the carrier.

About mounting
As this product is once taken BALI, I think that Seat will not be scratched immediately, but if it fixes, the Gold genus part will be strongly pressed against Seat, so long term use and heavy luggage etc If you post it probably Seat will be torn.
Also, since the width of the item is narrow, Belt for fixing also goes to Cowl
To be strongly pressed, Belt's rubbing measures are also necessary.

For the wounds of Seat I will fold the micro fiber toowel for washing for Vehicle for the time being.
We have not taken countermeasures concerning Belt's rubbing, but we plan to paste a scratch prevention Seat on the Cowl side.

I am using it with D - TRACKER.
Size was good with LLL.
Because Mirror is in a high position
If it is not LLL.
The feeling of Material is also good, it is solid.