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HONDA CB300F ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ



24 รายการ




I bought an LED H7 made overseas but it was not a firm fixation in Light's Spring and it was a planning difference when I looked it up on the Internet that it was a defective item.
Like the OEM Product I found out there was not an Adapter and I found it on Wee Big even if I looked for an Amazon etc..
I thought it was this in the image and ordered immediately and it was possible to install it without processing.
I could firmly fix it.

Although it is not the original usage, I bought it as an adapter of HIDHeadlight.

Since I felt it was going to fit from the image, I was able to install it without machining where I tried to install it under noises.
Incidentally, HID "JAFIRST JHE FirstH 7 Premium Ultra-low Voltage Start-up" is.

In the meantime, since the problem has not occurred especially in the place you used it for about a month, I would like to take a look at the situation a little more.

Although it was dark at the usual halogen and being exchanged for the bulb of the high watt, thing insufficient was felt and it opted for wearing of HID.
From before, since he liked the daytona, this product was decided on.
As brightness, he has no problem.
On early morning touring, it was able to run in comfort, without feeling darkness.
I think daytime also that it is good for the motorcycle which cannot be easily conspicuous since visibility is also high.