GM-MOTO is a brand abundant in customization parts for Minimoto. They will support customization by developing high quality and reasonable parts.
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GORILLA (12v) Because Tank's broke, purchased as a sub.
However, since the width of the part hooked by TankCushion is wider than OEMGorilla tank, it is almost impossible to attach to the frame of Honda OEM (Can not support Tank) You can say. However, in item description "Installable" So it is self-responsibility to the last because I have not written it.
I made Adapter for installation so I can use it without problems, but I can not recommend it.
Personally, Black Tank cheaply got cheaply Fuel Cock was meaningful enough to escape successfully from carburetor and Steering damper.

It is OK if you are cheap. If it gets bored, it will be an LED so it's a connection until then? The root part is Material : Since it is Rubber, it is necessary to devise it because it deforms when tightened too strongly.

Nice Light but Note that the Bracket is not included. I bought this for the bracket, very disappointed. I'm not going to bother to return it due to shipping costs, but still the description doesn't mention it.

It was my first Chinese product.

Condenser is well done. Side cover is made by KITACO and no problem.
Condenser's Banjo is made of iron.
I also bought a Manifold installation BRKT, but this was a failure.
In this BRKT, because it can not fit Condenser for Frame, vice verse + Vise pliersetc. It is necessary to bend BRKT at.

Condenser's Banjo is either up or down? Even if it examines with Net it is up or down.

With this BRKT, Condenser's Banjo will be below.

Just to be sure, instead of attached Hose, after attaching with transparent Hose, we sky Crank and observed the flow of Oil, Oil filled with about 10 times of Crank, leave it for a while.
After that, when seeing transparent Hose, there is no Oil, so Condenser seems to be empty.

If you keep on using the Engine as it is, there is a possibility that it will be fatal as Oil will not go to Head until Oil is refilled.
KITACO 's manual on Oil cooler says that if you do not put Banjo up, the Engine will be broken.

As I thought, it was made in Chinese? The stuffing around here was sweet, and Engine, important security relations, I felt that Chinese made is scary.

Banjo mouth and installation Nut were on opposite sides, respectively, I thought that it would be okay to withdraw BRKT.

Yamaha's moped Scooter, Initial Model BW's (3AA) Use to. I like HalfWaffle type for Off-RoadGrip, but I do not see items with short Size corresponding to original Scooter and Minimoto.

On that point, this product is Length (About 115 mm) , Pattern, Rubber quality as well as it is, I can not complain if I give this price, and I am satisfied with Large.

Large person Spec. I also have a CRF 50F, but I will try this grip when I exchange it next time.

GM-MOTO Lowdown Diamond Cut Seat Good quality product for price but not great. Seat is made with vinyl and all visible components seem to be quite good quality and visually appealing. Important to note diamonds are not actually stitched so it's waterproof. Can't report on fit for original Honda Dax. I fit to a Skyteam Skymax (Also has other names Eg Pitster Classic). Fit wasn't perfect, bracket that comes with seat can be used but using the original Skyteam bracket has a better fit. Locking locating pins are better used from original Skyteam seat. Rubbers must be removed and orignal rubbers can fit. All brackets/attachments were swapped without issue. Battery box also MUST to be removed or modified for the seat to sit correctly. Battery can sit in frame with foam support or bottom support of battery box extended or cut off. Once these modifications are made seat sits quite well but slightly short at rear in my opinion.

Buy when purchasing Rear Sets, install this item. It worked normally at the time of installation, but the problem was that Stop-lamp stays on for about a week.

I chose this because it was the same shape as the OEM. Material is cheap for the price. Because the Valve mounting position is not Center, the light intensity was in short supply. I fixed the position of Valve to Center and installed it.
Because there is no Rubber packing in Lens, water is likely to come in.. I bought and packed separately. There was not in the item description.