KAWASAKI Accessory offers products such as customization parts or goods with playful spirit for KAWASAKI models which satisfies KAWASAKI motorcycle riders' requirements.
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They fit well with my ZX-12R.

สินค้าสวยมากครับใช้งานได้ดีแข็งแรงทนทานวัสดุดีมากเป็นอีกหนึ่งชิ้นที่จำเป็นต้องใส่กับรถ w800​


ตัวงานเหมาะกับการไปติดตั้งกับชิ้นส่วนที่คุณชอบ โดยรวมสวยครับ

This is a very nice online motorbike parts shopping experience that I have ever had so far. Items clearly directly sent out which no need to wait for vendor ship to the center delivery terminal and queue up for send out. I have bought the genuine parts this time with a nice price which checked elsewhere,got a good deal at almost half of the price in the market. May be due to last one in the stock and sell it at lower price to clear stock. Anyway is lucky me. Buyer of this item must be aware to buy the front fork mounting bracket separately which don't know and need to buy from Webike again for the bracket. Again, that price is a bargain as well.

原厂件的尺寸永远是最准确的。不过这个价位偏高,同样价格可以有更多的选择。增加一点装饰作用,挡风作用几乎为零。不过原厂质量还得值得推荐 The size of the original parts is always the most accurate. However, this price is high, and the same price can have more choices. Add a little decorative effect, the windshield effect is almost zero. However, the original quality is worth recommending

Although it is a kawasaki original manufacturer's product, the carrier of a photograph is a thing of thailand kawasaki specification.
Although it had appeared on the market even in Japan recently, since a cheap thing and frame were likely to suit the car body black, it was dared to purchase the thing of the thailand.
Although it incidentally also has the product made from a riding spot, for using the foundation of the box of GIVI, the pure carrier with a geometrically thin frame of metal fittings tends to carry out fixation.
A thing and a form of Japan are fundamentally the same, and slim part Capa and a hook are something to say grades.
however, a loading platform be more delicately [ than a domestic thing ] long forward and backward, and a key should put in the keyhole of what and a sheet -- It has been lost... I not being worried, since I will keep a helmet in a rear box or fix it to a handle by a carabiner, but.
Since it is troublesome also at the time of maintenance, we recommend you to purchase a domestic thing somewhat, as it is high.
When it summarizes, if the carrier of KSR is a foundation of a box (especially GIVI), immediate shipment of purity and the heavy load is carried out, or they are used as a stack bar and it will be a grade which binds a riding spot and a light thing with a net, the aluminum of a Rough and Road is recommended.