【GM-MOTO】KEPSPEED +0.5J WheelWide Attachment(16 Spoke type)

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Applicable Models:

General purpose KEPSPEED 10 inch wheels

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Country of Origin:CHINA


*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
*This product is designed to be used with KEPSPEED wide swingarm, KEPSPEED 10 inch wide wheel, and wide disc hub.
*Installation on drum hubs, including stock hubs, is not allowed as the chain line will contact the rim.
*Wheel attachment image:The thickness of the attachment part is 0.5 inch (about 12.7mm).
*Picture of the demo car:This is the separation with a standard chain. With gold reinforced chain, the separation is very close.
*It contains other color in the photo.
*It contains other products in the photo.

*Please use the attached assembly bolts (M8X4 pcs + M6X8 pcs) for assembly.
*Fits to KEPSPEED 10 inch wheels.
*Compatible rims can be mounted on Dax type matching wheels, but only 12 hole type (M8X4 + M6X8 = 12 holes) can be used.
*Since the wheel is manufactured with no margin in the inner diameter of the matching wheel, adjustment work may be required depending on the individual. In most cases, proper assembly work can be done by tightening the bolts evenly.
*The work is easier if you use the "clearance" indentations on the mating surface.
*When installing on wheels other than the 10-inch wheels made by KEPSPEED, there is a possibility that the wheels will be deformed if they are subjected to extremely high pressure.
*KEPSPEED 5.5J wide swingarm system can be used, but the tension of the drive chain must be carefully controlled.
*If the tension management of the drive chain is incorrect, the drive chain may contact the wheel rim. Please be careful in advance.
*Please pay attention to the occurrence of the so-called "initial looseness" after the start of the run, please conduct frequent inspections so as not to cause unexpected troubles.

[Notes on purchase]
*All GM-MOTO products are custom parts. In some cases, it may not be possible to install them on the machine, or it may be necessary to adjust or modify some parts.
*There is a case that there is a slight specification change in the detailed part for each product. There is a point that differs slightly from the introduction image, but I will give priority to the actual thing, so please understand, please.
*Please check the condition of the goods on the day of arrival for any damage or external flaws.

*Due to transportation problems, there may be minor scratches and scuffs on the package.
*The warranty does not cover defects that significantly impair the functionality of the product.
*Please note that NO RETURN, EXCHANGE, and, CANCELLATION of the product after ordering.
*In addition, the troubles after the start of riding are often caused by mismatch with the driving situation, maintenance situation, or body condition, and it considered as all disclaimer because it is difficult to distinguish it from the causes of individual product.


It's the new KEPSPEED Design you've all been waiting for!

KEPSPEED wide wheel can be easily widened by 0.5J!.
Of course, this pitch can be installed to MONKEY and DAX (1Quantity:2pc type) OEM type matching wheels..
KEPSPEED's precision machining technology ensures that the Rim load is not only transmitted to the Bolt, but also to the hub..

5.If you have bought 5J, you don't need to buy again, we can offer you more Wide!.
The load transfer structure is also well thought out..
Therefore, it is designed to be installed with a little bit of press fit, which shows the high level of KEPSPEED's processing technology..
In terms of rear, 5.5J can be made into 6.0J, 7.0J into 7.5J, and OEM width can be made into 4.0J by combining with 3.5J..

Applicable Models

    • General purpose KEPSPEED 10 inch wheels


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