SUZUKI Accessory is the SUZUKI original brand of trust. Its optional parts has achieved high accuracy and quality when installed and used. Their abundant lineup of parts are fun just to search for.
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Only the red and white visors are available in the US. I was glad to find the black on at Webike Japan at a good price with reasonable shipping. The part arrived in less than a week. As you can see at my bike list, it looks great with the gray/black paint scheme on my bike.

You should attach this absolutely.
It is recommended.
There is no photograph.

I bought it in black before, but this time I bought it in red. It's a very good product to carry. I'd like to buy more accessories, too. Thank you.

It's good because it's good quality and the right size. I'd like to buy some more and give presents to the people around me.

because of product picture on webside,i thought the cover would be complete, but it is not,so for next time insert a more comprehensible product photo.thank you wery much

Pretty nice rack. Two issues though. In the photo it looks chrome. It is not. It is silver powder coated. The brackets for the turn signals are not made the same as stock. Need modified.

Service manual thought that there is no loss even if I bought Motorcycle, I bought it for study of maintenance. Just because the price is too high I do not buy Parts I bought a lot. When it arrives, it is Big. It's the best book I have ever bought. It is going to be a fun Motorcycle life from now on. I think that I was glad I bought it.

There is no character of SUZUKI anywhere in the Blister pack or the item Body.
Without mention of Manufacturer name and manufacturing place, only SUPER lock product name and MADE IN CHINA letters are sad and conspicuous. ? ? ?
the same "SEA BASS U Lock S" Products of the same name are in the same period, \ 1,737 (tax included) With those selling in, \ 3,024 (tax included) There is something that is on sale, I bought the cheap one, but if I purchase the higher one, it is Package with OEM saying something, or was there a letter of SUZUKI in the product?
I will even get a sense of being grabbed by something ? ? ?