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    These spark plugs are recommended by Yamaha for the newer models. They are original and it's a shame that even such spark plugs are being copied by Chinese companies. Please be aware that the R stands for the resistor. You have another resistor in your spark plug caps One is enough, otherwise the spark will be less powerful to ignite the fuel/air mixture. I can only reckon these plugs, not expensive and original. The attached photo shows a plug with two resistors.

    These OEM brake shoes deliver the full brake power of the rear brake. Most power comes from the front, it's very important to have a good functioning rear brake on a big bike. Important is also your tire, I had to slide like crazy when I had to do an emergency brake and the too old tire was just sliding, the rubber too hard. i can only reckon this product, the price is good for OEM quality!

    The filter is of good quality, doesn't let any dust get into the carbs. I've just renewed mine and saw that the fuel lines were brittle. This is OEM quality because you don't want to change the filter often. For people who are not good mechanics, it's quite a difficult job. You need to let all fuel out, the 1100 with the fuel pump has two fuel lines at the pump. Take the left off and let the fuel run into a canister. Then you can use it again after changing it.

    I've bought them twice, the space between the two parts of the material leaves dust out and you can enjoy full breaking power. They also fit the Yamaha Virago 1100, 750, 700, and other Viragos. If there's a problem with bleeding them, just pout a rubber around the lever love night. Great price for good quality pads.

    For Virago lovers, this rack also fits 1100, and 1000 cc models. The screws need to be replaced as the OEM screws are too short to attach to the toolbox. Even when it's only a small rack, you can attach many kg, because it's holding quite a lot of weight.

    The tire fits 100 %, has very good handling in rain, because the rubber isn't too hard. Even with a pillion rider, the tire is very good in curves, even doing higher speeds. I can only reckon this tire. They last pretty long. For those who want a bigger tire in the back, you can fit a 150/90- 15 easily.

    The oil filter is of very good quality, keep in mind that you'll also need the O-rings, two bigger ones for the outer cover and one 6 mm O-ring goes into the lower-left thread of the engine. K & L produce great stuff, also carb kits. i can only reckon these products.

    It fit my XRV750 1998 well.

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