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At the time of OEMPlug replacement, I made it to Windshield IRIDIUM at the same time.

Even with the Normal plug, it seems that Torque has just been upgraded if it is new, or just after cleaning, but it will return to original.
Iridium plugs it will last long... I feel it..

Plug is a cheap one in Parts and I am thinking that it is good to take a Manufacturer singing phrase as 500 yen does not change as I made it to Windshield IRIDIUM.

I exchanged BirdCity's Plug with Windshield IRIDIUM, but the exchange was Large strange at a narrow Space. Windshield IRIDIUM is good in Large change, but the installation space of the original chare is too narrow for disgusting. I thought that I could sell well even with a high Plug if I developed a Motorcycle that is easy to replace and a Plug that is easy to replace. I am expecting durability without being able to keep it.

I thought Windshield IRIDIUM did not have any big difference in size - - -

a little

But certainly

Engine's Torque feeling has increased and acceleration in the middle speed range has improved.

It seems that the highest speed is up slightly, and pulling it to 84 km / 87 km on the road where h was the limit / I got to come up to h.
Instead, I feel that fuel economy got a bit worse.

I replaced it from OEM's Twin plug to Iridium plugs but it can be used without problem.
Although startability did not feel much change, apparently Torque feels going out.
I felt that the feeling of moissry was alleviated even in a steep throttle operation.

As we are always exchanging every 3000 km, it is a product that is especially problematic when using it. NGK is the most reliable, always chosen.

Exchange for this plug at about 20,000 km. I also exchange DAYTONA 's air fin - lutter at the same time, so I do not know which is the impact, but I feel that fuel efficiency has improved.

I attached it to JOG Zr of Yamaha. Exchange for the first time after riding 10,000 km from a new car. Plug with attached did not have core (Lol)
I'm getting better as I am surprised. Next time I will try to exchange it after 3,000 kilometers.

I ran 35,000 kilometers so I decided to replace the plug soon I thought I was about to remove the plug and the electrode part had gone considerably to the plug.
I'm going to stall during Idling.

It became quite good after exchange of Plug.