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YAMAHA RS100 STD/SP อะไหล่แต่ง



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Delivery was quick as expected. the build quality of the mirrors are excellent with premium grade aluminium. it is easy to set with lock washers for the radial stem. no vibrations during the ride and excellent vision when set properly.

I love these mirrors! Way better than the C3 mirrors I had on my Zuma 125. Great style and functionality. Straight ballet mirrors! It took a little while to get them just right but totally worth the price.

เป็นกระจกทรงย้อนยุคดูคลาสสิค เลนส์ฟ้าตัดแสง บานกมีขนาดใหญ่ทำมุมมองมีกว้างขึ้นมองรถด้านหลังได้อย่างชัดเจน ใส่แทนของเดิมได้เลยครับ เหมาะกับผู้ทีชอบทรงsrปีเก่าๆ

I love these mirrors, it's very legit and lit. It's clean and Fully adjustable to rider needs. It's a complete kit for the bws 125. Black is excellent color for the mirror. We'l do business again in the future. Thanks webike! ✌

The purchase is already the fourth one
Because the third one was only able to do Idling, I bought the fourth one, but it did not turn around until only 8,500 revolutions from the beginning.
Please prepare for us to waste and purchase

I was commuting to work 30 kilometers each way, and my wrist became tired, so I made it into High Solo.
Installation attached and it attached without problem. (No processing) But!
This product is to understand the opening degree of Axel, but it does not look when actually installed.
There was something like Memory 's Guide - Plastic, but because it interferes with the Switch box,
I removed it.. You can install it if you scrape between Holder and Box, but I have no time to look at Axel opening, so I thought whether it was good for NCY or High Solo from AdvancedPRO. (I simply chose KOSO because I liked it)
As for operability it became easier to get on.. Even without bending the wrist so much, I opened it for a while and it was 60 o'clock in no time

OEMMirror of WR250X is easy to see, but because of its height, I made it to this Mirror of low type. Seniority and sight are necessary to get used to. There is unevenness in painting, but the price is cheap