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I used it for kitaco VM26 setting.
Moreover, I will worry ....
carrying out carburetor play comfort -- already .

I tried to exchange for improving inaction on the ascending slope.
After the exchange, on the steep slope it was around 40 to 50 __ what was the 60 th place and all the running performance improved.
After exchange, there is no problem and it is good (^^) v

Installed in HondaGORILLA, Engine Displacement Volume is 108 cc Although the appearance is a Boroy, the contents are Full tune.
Carburetor is vm 26, but this carburetor strangely 88 cc to 108 cc and the tolerance is Large and wide. (Jet adjustment is necessary) If you plan to purchase PC 20, you can use VM 26 for a long time, definitely recommend it.

Originally it is for TTR 125, but I also used it in Yamaha's XTZ 125.

As a result, because the Engine Displacement Volume does not change again, it is a place where it is used in this Class.

Of course, since it is a replacement from negative pressure carburetor, Response is completely different, Torque's Upetc. There is a difference that can be experienced.

Although I do not know the difference with the Chinese made VM 26, there is also a texture that makes me think it is domestic, and if I am SmallEngine Displacement Volume Single, I think that installation is not too difficult.

However, there is a high possibility that you will suffer from Setting in case of diversion, so that point is cautionary.

Since it was 2st, and Main jets were two or more necessities, it purchased. Since the selling in individual parts can buy only a required part, it is profitable.

Since it tended to become big-ticket when it was pure and each Main jet was arranged, it purchased. In addition, unlike a Set, it is also saved that only a required gage can be purchased.

although the posh set article cheap for VM26 carrying out setting appearance was used, since quality was anxious, he rebought the original manufacturer's product here.
Although it is necessary to arrange more than one by count difference, if setting is known generally, most will remain and carry out stripes.
Jet exchange is easy, and since it is a carburetor which a great portion of setting tends to take out, exchange by itself is also a recommend.

Since he cannot buy this size from the brand-name parts of the yamaha which is M/J exchange for head face Ken, it is an object for TMX! It is cheaper than brand-name parts to it.