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YAMAHA Mio125GP ระบบกันสะเทือน / โช็คหน้า / อื่นๆ


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We, also attached to Grip heater to Axis Treat, purchase to reduce even a little burden on Battery. The installation itself is almost a pon attachment. Wiring is slightly different depending on whether it is direct current or alternating current, but there is nothing wrong if it follows the instruction manual. NORMALHalogen It became brighter several steps than 40W.
However, High beam will not be usable as it heads towards the sky.

The quality was very good and the installation was easy to work. There is no dissatisfaction with the brightness of the LED.
However, since the heat dissipation part is Plastic, the FAN tends to come off when mounting the LED.
I think that it is better if it belongs to Gold.. Slightly dissatisfied with the HIBeam angle of irradiation.

When I went to Touring with Camping tools before, I felt that there was a bottom with suspensions in Large Kana Gap so I bought it this time to solve it.

Adjustment is impossible with OEM Product, but what you can adjust pre-road with this product is attractive.
While saying that, this time I tried installing it as it was with wait - and - see.

For installation, it was necessary to remove most of Cowl on Rear side for Access to Mounting Bolt above.
Those who have the service manual may know how to remove it, but since I do not have it, it was work while searching which Screw to remove.

Especially, if you pull the part containing the squeezed forcibly, the nail breaks so be careful.
Although it worked enough only with Center Stand, we needed a bit of strength technique at the time of installation.
I think that combining Jack etc. made it easier to work.

After exchanging, I think that it got better to fit quickly even with Large Gap with a solid grounding feeling than before.
The previous feeling of fluffy has disappeared.
The other day Tandem (Large man male) I had a chance, but there was not any problem.

Because we can also make adjustments, I'd like to try out challenging for the future while running.

It was used for the axis treat.
Since the rear suspension of normal was too soft, it is very uncomfortable to ride in and the bottom thrust at the time of a tandem was severe although I weighed 70 kg, though it was regrettable although it hoped that it might be improved by a few, it has not been improved at all.
Although an initial is stepless adjustment, it fastens with all its might and this product is full, it is dramatically soft.
Since it was too soft, he thought that they were inferior goods and the kitaco of the selling agency was got to send and inspect goods, but it was a thing with a good-quality item (smile).
It seems that a corner ring is improved or there is only no rate corresponding to a tandem although it is a thing that the manufacturer reason spring rate is made higher than normal.
since -- cautions required! Rather than the engine performance, since the color of a spring is a beauty, a price recommends use as dress-up parts only to a price.

Attachment is easy only by one screw removing.
Isn't it good as a simple and convenient dress-up up?