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YAMAHA JOG100 ชุดสีมอเตอร์ไซค์


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[Webike Monitor] It purchased for
rain or a shade. The
Size was a size exactly good for using for VTR250. using the
Motorcycle cover -- this -- for the first time -- it is -- although other goods and a comparison cannot be performed, they do not have a point worried especially for the moment, either, and it has satisfied them.

[Webike Monitor] It purchased for the preventable contamination by
rain or yellow sand. it extracts to
skirt and there is a string --
-- generous [ without the
sheet flying / front / in the hole of a chain lock / to back by a wind for a certain reason / a little
Size ] again -- a sake --
attachment -- difficulties -- not having carried out . It is satisfied with preventing
wind and rain enough.

Although various Covers had been tried on -
raw material which cannot burn easily, it was thought frank that the this
Cover was the best result. [ to which - dirt which cannot go out easily is also hard to adhere ]

theft prevention is also considered, and when
Protecting a Motorcycle, I regard required structure as inquiring.
Although he buys it and it is two years, it does not yet hurt.

The ventilator which misses the humidity with which the inside of a Cover is easily filled is installed near the Handle at the time of use. The
window is the structure which is adopted as the Tent etc.
Most pleasing until now, although it was used for four years.

[Webike Monitor] With liking to protect the
Motorcycle from rain or sunlight, since it was among the Sale, he bought it. Since it used also for the front Motorcycle (HORNET250), merit is known enough. There is also an iris diaphragm that it is easy to hang on a Motorcycle, and it is strong also to a wind.

It is reasonably priced.
I will consider more about 2~3 years.
Since it is torn to pieces after it from the portion which has required tension, even if it repairs on a tape etc., the prolongation of life is so much impossible.