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HONDA CRF250L ขาตั้ง



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It is not a sticking commodity to OEM so it is cheap and adequate.
Even if you compare it, there is no difference in the Large.
Cospar is essential as it exchanges Oil at 1000 kilometers.

I am using it with SX 125 R and VTZ.
Anything, O-ring is attached, Large funny convenience.
And you can also recommend points with Magnet.
I am also thinking of Magnet Drain Bolt, but also from the aspect of Magnet's Large Kisaya and Oil's convection, is not this a recommendation?

I will do Recommendation!

I ordered this instead of OEM Product because it was in stock at Wes Big.
There is time to wait a bit if it is an OEM Product, and if it is in stock it will be shipped the next day, so there is no need to wait for arrival.
About the performance ... ... I do not understand well (sweat)
Although it is not possible to see the effect by looking at the gold powder which is caught like the Type with Magnet, I think that it is not inferior to the OEM Product in terms of quality such as making.

The Filter except pure is used for the first time. Iron powder worried even Kon over 27000 km as well as the time of

new car.... the
> effect -- like -- Although it does not understand ... you are Massey rather than doing nothing -- ? ... expectation is put and it is exchange (smile)

Although it may be pure that it is most reliable after all, I think that there is no Trouble which thinks that this Oil Element is enough and to be used, and that the engine performance as an Element will be a sufficiently satisfying Level if it exchanges in a short period of time or a short distance.
If it is kinder to an Engine to have purchased and to raise replacement frequency, while it is cheap, it is ??
layman's view.

Although the Oil filter of brand-name parts could be sufficient, this product was purchased from the ease of receiving. Moreover, an O ring (three kinds) is attached to this product.

Incidentally by the case of VTR250, a circular size, smallness, and two O rings are used.