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HONDA CB300R กันล้มล้อ




Although it was usable without problems even with normal Gasket, "There are various ideas and it's amazing, is not it?" Purchase without thinking about making a feeling like. It is impossible to think that leakage of Oil from Bolt will occur in this case, and it can not think of sticking when Bolt is removed next time. I am satisfied with a feeling of security and small luxury feeling.

Oil It is exchanged every time at the time of replacement. I think that there is no problem at all with regard to use. Because this price is regrettable, I think that it is insurance and change it every time but leakage etc has never occurred so is not it a good product.

I have not got a separate Gold, but I will definitely exchange Drain Washer.
I can not hit my eyes if I leak out about 100 yen.
It is cheap if you think of retightening and destroying the Screw hole of Oil pan or adding Oil.
Previously, I liked using copper, but this time I tried this.
Base is Material : Although it is Aluminum, there is no leak if Coating is applied and it is tightened with proper Torque.
I put it in the box of the Oil Filter so that the reserve is not lost.

Oil We are switching to replacement. It was quite troubled because this Size was not available at home center etc, but it can be purchased here and it will be saved. I think whether it may be a little cheaper.

When it changes to a new Washer, is it in Manufacturer specification, at every oil change? He is trying to certainly change according to
Although it uses buying this Washer at a time, oil leakage is not started, it fits and there is also neither slack nor shakiness. It is profitable that it is also
three-sheet Set, and it is good.

Since it can buy at a time by Webike rather than it goes to an article store specially and he buys it, it is convenient. The
Cost performance is also enough. After liking to also exchange a Washer for a new article for the
oil change.

Since it is cheap, it is always exchanging by recommendation in the case of an oil change.
-- it being profitable that it is a three-sheet
Set, and saying, although one sheet is constructed, it comes out and it is usually sold -- it is .
Since it is not crushed even if oil leakage is not started, either and it tightens a Bolt strongly just because it is cheap, structure is also good.

It is used for the Engine Oil drain of 95 model Harley FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM. While exchanging repeatedly, the screw thread of a Drain becomes thin, the hole was extended once in the past, and the screw thread is reorganized to M14. The mountain of the Aluminum Bolt was recently missing again, and it found and tried this product made from a DAYTONA the anxious place.

When it was this Drain washer, it binds tight and comes out, there is a feel lighter than the Washer of an Aluminum or copper which you crush firmly and are made to bite, and sense of security doubled. I think that I will use this Washer regularly for the time being since it is not more expensive than the O ring of a Rubber although there is dependability and it exchanges each time.

On an old Motorcycle, sense of security is important above all, and that mind becomes easy also uses and I think that it was good.