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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

    Purchase to get Fender for GSXR 125.
    I was worried because it was cheaper than those of other companies, but the making was firm without BALI, and Screw Pitch etc was easy to install because of insanity.
    However, since there was no Space like Reflector 's Bracket which can put two kinds of Seals, Performance only ★ 4.

    Even though the installation Bracket, originally one for each for Rightfor Left, must be included, but when I purchased it ... which one was for sure which two for LeftBracket was in and for RightBracket It was in a state not in existence. For that reason, I contacted Webike and got RightBracket sent ... ... etc .. Although there was a sorrowful one, there was reconfirmation that it is a good thing in the middle if installed.
    It looks better and it is wonderful to say "It seems to be sturdier" than anything above OEM above anything, so if this is a little or gentle vibration it is Hetchara Hui. License light is also bright with LED, White .......

    For those who are sturdy and still looking, I would recommend this. If you correspond to the model

    Compared with some Fender Eliminator, I feel texture, Style seems to be good so purchase.

    Large strange as I have to remove a lot of OEM removal, but those who can clear them without problem
    I think that it is affordable for installation.

    Fender cut and drilling are unnecessary. OEM Wiring to install License Plate Light
    It is necessary to install it by Cut, but included in Kit LED Wicing of License Plate Lamp is very thin
    Therefore, rather than using the included Bullet Terminal terminal, it is recommended to connect with a connection terminal for fine wires such as Emon.

    A person who wants to use Blinker other than OEM structurally considerably devises or does not recommend it because it can not be attached unless the installation position itself of the Blinker is changed to the car body.

    Blinker is firmly attached to good people at OEM, Refreshing around Rear and texture is perfect.

    Rear surroundings refreshed.
    The manual is small and it is very hard to see.
    It is appreciated that we can reuse OEMFender as it is.
    Drilling is necessary to install Reflector.
    In terms of Cost I think that it may be a little cheaper, but I was satisfied accordingly.

    It cannot work, if a description is too suitable and there is no Service manual. Although it is a mechanic of a we car, is attachment serious if it is the more general one? I want you to write a description kindly more intelligibly. Quality and a thing are satisfactory! It is the highest, if it can do and I will have a Nut of Number light welded...