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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

    ได้รับสินค้าตามรูปแบบครบตามจำนวน แพ๊คมาอย่างดี สมบูรณ์ไม่มีรอยขีดข่วน ถึงตามเวลาที่กำหนด

    Instructions in Japanese only, but the pics were enough to get by. Probably easier since I already fitted an R&G Tail Tidy that was s shocker in terms of leaving all of the wiring exposed and vibrated uncontrollably due to the single flat plate design. Don’t get an R&G for your H2 SX or SX SE!! The Active eliminator is so so much better. And has a proper plug for the number plate light...shame I cut mine off to fit the R&G eliminator!!! This product fits well, looks great and doesn’t vibrate!!!

    Since the price was cheap, this was chosen, but structure is also very solid and he is smart.
    Although it had written that a tail cowl was removed, attachment was able to be attached even if not removed.
    However, it is although workability was not good and being carried out.
    Although wiring of the number LGT is a plug terminal, the thing of attachment to a kit is an easy thing which can be attached without a press-fit tool.
    Since it was disagreeable to have damaged the original wiring, a plug terminal was bought, it was stuck by pressure and I connected.

    Is the thing with many components removed variously only a KAWASAKI vehicle?

    Even if it was attached simply and you carry out what time contribution, tell the reason for a send-off!

    There are several Fender Eliminators of H2SXSE, but in my case Fitting, Number and Blinker interfere with Fender Eliminator in connection with wearing the GIVI Top case, so existing products are irritating right…
    Since it was made ACTIVE made at the time of 14R, I purchased it because I got out waiting for commercialization from ACTIVE.

    The fitting feeling is as expected, Blinker changed to Slim type, so GIVIFitting did not interfere Limit and was satisfying Large.

    In the manual "OEMPannier impossible" Is there a ...
    If it really can not be installed it may be better to include it in webike's item description.
    I am irresponsible as Pannier pear.

    Looks like OEMOption's LED Blinker and the root 1. About 5 cm hidden by Number,
    The LED part is also hidden.

    Although there is no problem in practical use, the automobile inspection will not pass.
    Whether you extend the length with Spacer,
    Return to STD Blinker,
    Do you want to find another Blinker ...

    As a matter of fact there are not many people who want to get close to Race cars even if they ride a little on the SS?
    I do not like the back of the OEM.
    So I bought this item.
    Stable Active made and installation was possible without problem.
    I thought that it looked a little like a Race car!
    This item Reflector is sold separately so do not forget to purchase!

    There is no problem at all in terms of function. I prefer a sleeping angle of Number a little more, but because it is Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, it is a way we can not help it.
    Installation struggled. If you do not pay attention to the installation and assembly of License Plate Light, I think that it will take time. I think it would be good if you could kindly create the Instruction Manual.

    It is easier to work with long Hex or T letter Hex etc. when installing.
    We recommend you work by removing the Bracket on which the Hex of the on-board tool is installed.

    If you attach an existing Blinker, remove it by pulling it inward by handknob Slotted screwdriver etc. to remove it. Because it is a rigid Rubber, it will not crack or break easily, so I will go bullish!