DUCATI SCRAMBLER - Webike Thailand


Lightly run through the bustling city area, run a country road with less traffic volume and aim for a place that you do not see yet.In such a case, 'Urban Enduro' will be the ideal partner.The lining of the technical fabric is adopted as the ribbed sheet of the brown, and pursuing the highest level of ergonomics.While the front fork protector, engine skid guard, headlight grill protects the most important parts of the motorcycle during off-road driving, crossbar is added to the wide handlebar to improve rigidity.Plastic high and front fenders, spoke wheels etc. are skillfully directing the image of off-road motorcycles.

Engine Capacity 803
Max. Output -
Max. Touque 6.8 kgm@ 5,750 rpm (日本仕様)
Weight 192kg
Fuel Tank Capasity 13.5LLiter