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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

    I bought it because it was attractive that the Helmet holder is attached.. Because I was concerned about the Rear Fender which I thought it was Bottom, it was ◎ that I felt refreshing feeling and the usability of Holder was good.

    As you are told, I need a little hang for wearing.
    I used a Helmet holder but it is convenient for the ground.
    Reflector is optional as a matter of discontent though it is reasonable price

    Among numerous Fender Eliminators,
    It is feeling that the angle of License Plate is pretty much attacking!
    Of course it is legal scope (Lol)
    Just install it with License Plate Light's mounting plate
    Number Plate Plate Plate for Reflector with additional addition
    It is troublesome for A little to make License Plate, Reflector, License Plate Light and Center by combining the three holes with long holes.
    Well I can fine-tune each one (Lol)

    바이크가 대만에서 물 건너서 오는중이라 장착은 못했지만, 장착하면 분명 멋있을것임.ㅋ ^^ 시그너스X-SR 모비스타 대만버전에 장착예정. 대한민국 서울에서 직구함. 배송비 포함 93,889원 들었음. 100자 채우기 힘드네요..ㅋ

    【What made you decide the purchase?】
    We searched a lot with Net and the Number attachment angle seemed to be the best.
    Where the Helmet holder was attached was also attractive.

    【How was it actually used?】
    Number The angle is cool.
    Bracket is thick and there is weight unexpectedly.
    I think that it is safe to hang on Helmet firmly, but Holder has not attached yet ....

    【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
    It is not difficult..
    Level that can be enjoyed while enjoying it.

    【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
    When attaching Color ButylTapeetc. It is easy to fix it with.
    I transplanted the Cover of the Coupler section of OEMHarness, but it is troublesome to need to Rose the Coupler.
    It will not be a problem without transplanting.

    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
    It is perfect as Aftermarket parts.

    【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
    I wanted a Helmet holder included, but the missing item has been continuing all the time.
    If Holder can be empty, I feel like I can have a Holder too?

    【Have you compared items?】
    All Manufacturer in general.

    Rear surroundings are refreshing and it is cool ~.
    Number angle is as you wish!

    I order it for my Z125pro and installed it myself,it's not difficult to install, just follow the picture and make it step by step.i recommended it to my friend also.

    The mounting angle is sharper than any Manufacturer's Fender Eliminator Kit, and it is jumping up.
    It is not suitable for those who stick to visibility from the back, but OEMBlinker's
    The mounting position is also perfect. Spongeetc. It seems to take measures against the mudguard of the cable inlet
    Although it is described in the manual, I want a thin Sponge or Rubber sheet included.

    In some Fender Eliminators, the angle of attachment was the best from the photograph, so I did this.

    Installation is not so difficult, but some Wiring processing is necessary.
    A totally new person may be confused.
    Installation Instruction Manual is somewhat rough.

    The feeling of use is very good without Wobble.
    OEM is heavy, so I think you should install Fender Eliminator.

    Although the installation itself does not take so much time, if it takes time to remove the OEM Fender, if you dare complain, when you put the four bodies at the time of installing the body, the irritating feeling becomes MAX when putting it between the body and the car body Is it about? - - -.
    If it is Street youth it will not be a problem as long as it is installed, but as soon as the Circuit runs it will irritate every time - - -. (? ▽ ?;)
    For purpose of use with STREET & Circuit, it is necessary to search for falling prevention Washer so that Color does not drop.

    It is rather small compared to genuine, but it is bright as it is bright. Although it seems to be completely hidden under the fender, if it is probably normal between cars, I think that it can be recognized even from a car with a high car height. Since it is hidden even with a genuine fender, it may be better to change to a long fender for prevention of mud. When installing, I myself cooperated with the same KITACO carrier and GIVI 's top lamp case with a stop lamp so I tried to fix the stay with a double - sided tape so that it was easy to do it was a correct answer. In order to connect the wiring for the top case, I bought additional fork for the AUTOBACS. It is about 260 yen.

    Since OEMFender willy numbered as Willy, I bought it suddenly before License Plate was completely cut off. If you raise it up to 90-degrees you may get it, but I think it's much better than OEM. If I contact the ground first, it is a squirrel Recta - but if it gets damaged, I will open a hole with Drill and install an OEM Reflector.