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  • Product: Seal Chain 520RR/SM for ENDURO/MOTARD Race

Product: Seal Chain 520RR/SM for ENDURO/MOTARD Race

    I got lost my way to DID, EK and made this item here.
    I'm looking forward to seeing that the width is Slim rather than the normal 520 Size and Seal type and how durable it is.
    Since it is a Clip expression, I can do it for myself next time. (Lol)

    ChainGrease "Even this!" Since I was ranked, cleanly dropped it with Cleaner, I reinsured the ruby ??again.
    Wheel has turned to Smooth a lot.

    Although it looks like for RaceChain, since it is a Clip formula, it is decided that it is possible to deal with cleaning and sprocket exchange at the time of the case. I think that the price is also cheap.
    Commuting etc. Because it uses a lot of holiday full-open running without using it, the thing which is worrisome is Life. Because I feel that Plate is thin because of for Race, I think that it is a good product if it is about the same as Chain used last time.

    08. Mountain climbing with WR 250 F, Enduro, forest roads, and changing footswith MOTARD in pass.
    Off is F13. R50, On is F14. It is DrivenSprocket of R44.
    We are turning 114 on Off, 112 on Clink on LINK. I am playing with the mood of the day. It is replaced by Pliers 1 pc.

    The new Chain gets grease on the Large amount and it takes time and effort to clean. For MOTARD it is lightweight but I do not know with my arm. Just feeling that Rear tire spun from OEM's old Chain is very light.

    Purchase is decided for MOTARDs.It is satisfied in
    Cost, the weight saving of the hole is been [ the hole / it ] vacant and carried out also to the Plate, and appearance is also smart.
    Color specification is simply impossible... The direction as which a Silver may be sufficient is a Recommendation.

    It is appearance serious consideration anyhow! It does not feel, although there will be
    Friction-loss so and so. EK which can do
    Off vehicle in a favorite color since a Chain is conspicuous can carry out a Recommendation. The
    price is also cheap compared with RK, DID, etc., and it is a safe Japanese Brand!
    Incidentally I have both equipped with KLX and a KATANA.