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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

    I installed it in the old Grom
    Installation was easy and OEM Blinker was attached without problem
    Although there are also explanations, Red's Reflector and triangle magazine Sealetc. I need to prepare myself and I do not have a Bracket so I bought another Bracket for Reflector and since the Wiring part of the Reverse side is all out, it would be better to think about something Waterproof measures
    Texture was good and I was satisfied.

    I worried a bit because it is cheaper than other Manufacturer's items, but it is a good feeling that it can be installed safely.
    After all the Fender Eliminator looks better!
    I would recommend it..

    BMW I attached it to S1000R 2017 without problem
    It is easy because it is wearing with basic Bolt 3 books
    License Plate Light is also safe because it is OEM use
    The accuracy is also high in the simple form but it will be saved if you can suppress Cost a little more

    About License Plate Light This price is cheap.

    I am satisfied with appearance also Refreshing and OEMBlinker without incongruity.
    As for installation, Instruction Manual is a piece of simple paper. It was pretty much Large..

    I think that it will be easier if you do not weld the Fender with Screw and Nut, but weld the Nut part etc..
    And since Bracket in the License Plate Light part is a little Large, I think that I refreshed more if it is more compact.

    I also recommend ordering the Made by HURRICANE Reflector.

    When installing, it is necessary to remove Side cover and Blinker etc. once, but it can be installed easily with just labor. I am recommended because it is well-fitted and Cost performance is also good..

    Worn on New Year 16-year Grom.
    Because the new model has protrusions in the ass, this product which is not empty is not ordinarily attached, but it will be managed by processing.
    Marking the protrusions, drill a standard hole with Drill and Cut to square in the Grinder, the position of the mounting hole does not change at all and it will be attached properly.
    Work time including Cut is about 30 minutes.
    It is somewhat troublesome to have a hole to escape the electrical system, but it is somewhat troublesome, but if you are used to DIY and have a tool, it is possible to make it cheaper than the new type Fender Eliminator, so it is Recommendation for those who can do it.

    Remove NORMAL while reading Papapa Instruction Manual, Complete installation on papapa.
    It was over in a short time.

    There is no Bracket attached to Reflector, so it is necessary to prepare separately if with Reflector.

    Because NORMAL is quite heavy, I refreshed it.

    I think that it is also possible to attach Helmet holder and pole stands after a bit of remodeling.

    We are on the S1000RR of MODEL 2016. Since I mentioned 2012, I thought that it might not be attached ... but it came with Exactly.

    It was the cheapest S1000RR Fender lessKit I was looking for, but I am satisfied with my firmness.

    Not only this Fender lessKit, but also those who want to port NumberHolder of bmw at the same time, it is considerably difficult to remove Number Holder unless there are thin Pliers etc.. As I saw in the third photo, I took it about 3 hours using the slotted screwdriver and I could do it off.

    I'm not complaining about this product, but I think that one who is bought should pay attention to the following points.
    - Angle of Number is constant and can not be adjusted to my favorite angle.
    - A bit heavy

    Is it a lol?

    If you do not stick to the angle it will be cool enough by this ^ ^

    Compared to other Fender Eliminator Kits, since Blinker is inside Number, there is sense of Slim and Parenthesis is good. Although I removed Tandem Footpeg, I was troubled by the place to install the Helmet holder and I do not want to stand out, so I attached the Helmet holder to the NumberReverse side of the Fender Eliminator Kit. Machining was easy because Material was Aluminum.

    Even without attaching License Plate Holder, it can be attached without processing. It looks SMART, I thought that it fits this Motorcycle well. Wiring was saved because 2-pole Coupler was also included. Installation is easy.