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  • Product: MOTOLED Edge Plastic Holder Kit

Product: MOTOLED Edge Plastic Holder Kit

    ? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
    Since the Lens of the Tail lamp of other Brand Product which had been attached up to now has broken, it seems time has passed since the manufacture is already finished and the replacement part can not be found, so Tail lamp and Bracket (Holder) We decided to exchange every.
    First, I searched for Tail lamp with low power consumption LED. And universal Bracket which can also be attached to the off-road motorcycle (Holder) I chose this item on condition that it can be used. In the case of Off-road motorcycle, it will be attached to Rear's MudguardCowl, considering that the drilling for Blinker installation is easy to work, lightweight Material : I thought Plastic's Bracket is better. In this Tail lamp also Bracket for installation is made by Gold Genus, but since the car model is limited, Universal Plastic Bracket is standard Included Parts : It is one of the decisive factors to be. It was also an important point that License Plate Light is on.

    ? 【How was it actually used?】
    As shown in the attached image, fitting fits perfectly, there is no discomfort at all. I do not feel heavy feeling from behind with SMART, I think that it is a design that fits firmly into Road. A reasonable number of LEDs are used, it is bright as a Tail lamp, and it looks more clear in Stop-lamp. Since Motorcycle is Battery reply, I chose LED Lamp with low power consumption, but the part of power consumption does not know honestly the influence. Since other transmission systems cause malfunction or originally, it seems that there was enough power generation.

    ? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
    Plastic's Bracket (Holder) Processing was very easy with. Also, because the shape and the Largeness also fits perfectly with Mudguard's Rear cowl, positioning was not troubled. Particularly included screws, Washer, RubberWasheretc. There is abundance, a little Gap can be filled enough, and it can fix more perfectly without wobble.

    ? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
    When installed in the position just hidden behind Cowl of Mudguard, the sunlight or other light does not strike the Lamp, it becomes shade and a sharp feeling when lighting up comes out. Also, there is a flat part on the side of the Bracket for Blinker installation, but since the area is not so wide, I think that Blinker and Mudguard will interfere in some cases. I reused Blinker of Other Brand Product I used to use, but I had to check the mounting position carefully geometrically. By checking the mounting position beforehand by temporarily assembling the hole, etc.. I think that it is important to position.

    ? Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】

    ? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
    There is no point of disappointment. Meanwhile, it is necessary to attach Reflector according to regulations, and the Lens part of Tail lamp may have Reflector function, but we decided to add it separately for precaution. However, there was no space to install the Reflector, and the Reflector attached to the Bracket that I used was processed and attached in order to reuse it.

    ? [Request to Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
    Plastic Bracket hiding in License PlateReverse side (Holder) A little stretched out Reflector mounted Quantity : I'd be happy to have it set. Also, the Bullet Type Terminal for the attached electric Wiring feels a little Large from the thickness of Wiring. Another SizeSmall Bullet Type Terminal is not enough.

    ? 【Have you compared items?】
    There were several LED Tail Lamps cheap in price at other companies, but many of the Brackets for installation are offered by Gold Genus, conformed models are specified, and purchase has been suspended. There were some models that were not designated as compatible models, but I did not know whether there was universal nature, and as a result I selected this product.

    ? [Others]
    The LED balls are all properly lit. I tried about 50 km, but the installation is also good with the lighting conditions. I am planning to run while checking the looseness of Screw and Nut for a while.

    Because it is a Universal Product, I will buy it as soon as possible.
    It is not a commodity that is processed so precisely, but the plane part is distorted, or the Bracket holes are not lining horizontally.
    The point to be aware of is that the width of the flat part is narrower than the OEM so that it can not reach the Screw hole of the Frame as it is.
    Combined with Bracket somehow. (In terms of strength ...?
    Blinker hole is engraved with TaperReamer and Cutter steadily.
    XTZ is a 3-pole Coupler, so you can use OEM's TAB coupler. ConnectorPin is 110 type and OK.
    The opening of the hole makes LeftBlinker look slanted.

    I was concerned about the hanging shape of the Dragon's Rear Fender of the previous term and bought this item in accordance with the exchange to the late Fender.
    Processing was necessary for installation but it was easy to process because Plastic.
    It looks better from Rear.
    I wondered whether to make Lens Red or Black, but I think that it was correct on Black.

    Previously, Material : It was Aluminum's Fender Eliminator, but it broke with vibration and the number dropped down as well.
    So I examined it variously, so it seems like it will not break if this product, so I bought it.
    There is only Universal Product, the position of the hole is important for installation
    There is no problem as long as it is decided.
    The visibility of this Tail lamp is also good.
    It's been a year since I installed it, but there is no sign of cracking.

    The compatibility with YOSHIMURA's Exhaust System is not good
    In order to avoid hitting Number, I am sending it to Left, but with exhaust, the corner of Number is black...

    Material is soft and easy to process, but it has enough rigidity and it seems to be used for a long time.
    The LED is also bright, I think that this price is cheap with this.
    The XG250 TRICKER combines with two holes in the original Rear Fender under Seat, one hole originally in the Frame, and a total of five places tightened together with Bolt for Seat installation.
    Since the License Plate interfered with the Stop lamp and could not be attached, the License Plate mounting hole was expanded downward.

    I attached it to Gratra BB.
    Poshetc. Tail light is BoltQuantity : DRC is tightened 3 points, while it is tightened 2 pc, the installation is sturdy and lightweight.
    Image of LED is also ◎
    However, since it is a Universal Product, cutting and drilling is mandatory.
    Electric drill and Cutteretc. Let's prepare.

    【What made you decide the purchase?】 The number of peripheral Parts such as Design, Blinker, License Plate Holder, Reflector
    【How was it actually used?】 Tail has been tightened very compelling but very visibly though it is Compact.
    【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 It is a little troublesome to make Base for installation with Frame to Bracket. Even if Base can be done it is easy to drill and Wiring etc Spec. It has become.
    【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 I think that it is unlikely that it is possible to install directly by diverting an existing Frame hole and therefore to make a base for mounting exactly.
    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] nothing special
    【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 I want Repair Parts to continue for a long time as durability can not be said anything.
    【Have you compared items?】 DRC's EDTail

    Material : There may be some meaningful strength than Aluminum

    It is recommended for those who can drill and process themselves.

    As Tail light goes up and down, you can adjust Clearance with Fender to some extent.

    It is not so expensive and the circumference of rear one also feels pure lay refreshed.
    attachment did not suffer troubles, either, and since it was warned at an angle of the Number, it does not become precocious. Although the
    > Lens chose the Smoke, when it is a Smoke, each Lamp is conspicuous and it is doing
    lighting of it.
    He buys it truly [ he is smart and ], and I think that it was good.

    Although the Fender less kit which was being used before was an Aluminum raw material and appearance was good, it broke with vibration (2 times) and equipped with here made of resin. Although it was goods of
    general-purpose article, there is the existing round Frame in the tail part of DR-Z, and it became fairly obstructive for equipping with a Bolt.
    Since it was firmly attached that it is unexpected although a defiant attitude was assumed and Cable-tie wearing was carried out that it is provisional and simply, use was continued as it was, but it was a Notebook rabble, without breaking in vibration.
    A resin material is for Off vehicles too. It is the Point which is especially pleased with the Fender of feeling toward the
    > a little top.