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  • Product: Die-Cast Generator Cover

Product: Die-Cast Generator Cover

    The fitment is perfect. This is a very nice quality cover. The cover has been clear coated to protect the polished finish.

    Very good item ! Looks great on every bike. Worth every dollar! Gives that racing look from special takegawa, very good quality, polished surface is very good. Included with bolts, auto collant. Have got myself also the magnesium version wich is lighter. I put these covers on each engine i have because they are soo great. No engine tuning without these engine covers!

    It attached to the MONKEY. A Cover is only removed and attached. It was quite sweet although considered. Even when it is pure to attachment, unless it removes a Side stands and a Step, one Bolt cannot attach. Although I think that the direction with a Maintenance stands can be attached satisfactorily, since I do not have, only two have stopped the Bolt. I would like to attach it, after one more purchases a STAND later. Although it is easy when removing an authentic positive one, it attaches why and comes out, and they are difficulties like this? It is that the problem is only a price if attachment is easy to a slight degree... Push and it is. A Styling is tolerable.

    It purchased to the dress-up up.
    If a polish even if it becomes dirty, it is beautiful forever.
    Since an attached bolt was not cheap, either, it was good.
    Since it is easier to have heat than an original manufacturer's product when it runs, be careful of a burn.

    Aluminum generator cover Mukawa Manufacturer parts number: Although it is an object for SP05-02-0031 apes, evaluate here, without finding only the object for the monkeys.
    Surface finish is the same as that of the object for the monkeys at after [ buffing ] clear paint finishing.
    Since attachment is only replaced with an original manufacturer's product, it is easy, but it requires time for the work which removes a gasket for a while. -- An original manufacturer's product is removed on the previous day when an attached gasket and flange bolt are a set on, and goods arrive.
    I think that actual working hours were about 1 hour since the gasket was removed.
    Its work is easy, if removal of a gasket has Sucre Bar with the thinner point which can be obtained in a home center etc. although it can be somehow performed also with a cutter.
    Appearance attached the degree very highly custom with the dress-up effect up, and is beautifully satisfied (^u^) It is a generator cover recommended to the dress-up groups up adhering to appearance (^-^)

    In attachment of a back step, it is required.
    This was purchased, and it purchased by there having been no necessity for processing of a pure thing, and was good only at purchase.
    the time of attachment of a back step -- the case of a normal step -- custom -- being alike -- it is recommended.