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SP Tadao (Special Parts Tadao) has more than 30 years of history as a exhaust manufacturer. Its unique exhaust system has been released to the world after being tested for a number of times. It will surely be the solution of your problem.

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From [ when it purchases ] Since it was equipped, although the difference from the normal & other company is not understood, this sound is good in itself. [ -- ]

The length of the Exhaust pipe has changed, just because Chamber was added, I thought originally the difference that made such a big difference ??. I'm sorry. Although I thought that expensive Parts can feel the effect as it is due to the replacement of the past four-cylinder Full Exhaust System, I did not expect that Torque would increase only by changing the Exhaust pipe. Since it is used for SEROW 250, there is no Tachometer and I do not know the clear number of revolutions, but probably the acceleration feeling when opening the Axel from the revolution number perhaps around 2 to 3000 revolutions?. It is a very unfortunate effect because it is the number of revolutions that I use most in off-road driving,. I think that it will become what happens if it changes to Silencer, but I do not like to personally make the exhaust sound noisy so I am only using Exhaust pipe. If you dare add Habit, add a new Gasket 1pc. I think that you will not be saved if you get it attached.

The pipe length becomes longer, the expansion room is added in the middle, it is lighter than the Normal exhaust pipe, and it will Torque up just by. As a precaution, there is a possibility that clutch slipping may occur in vehicles that are traveling longer. I bought and exchanged 30,000 kilometers of vehicles, but I got off to the point that it did not develop until before the change. It may be by chance, but for your reference. I think that I will not lose it by exchange.

Although I just installed it and I only have paved roads,
Just as many people are listed in conventional Impression,
You can feel Torque feeling increased.

For example, even in the case of Knocking with NORMAL,
It accelerates to Smooth just by Accelerator operation, and it seems that 1 stage GEAR has increased
The city ride became more comfortable.

Also, the expansion room was excluded in the new work from the conventional powerbox,
It is natural, but there is no chill chill noise that has been occurring from this part, even the part of the sound is comfortable.

Since I am not accustomed to Motorcycle tampering, the Instruction Manual is carefully stated
How to remove the O2 Sensor 's Coupler installed from the New Model SEROW,
When installing the powerbox it became like a wisdom ring, and only this part suffered.

Especially since Coupler was a Type that pulled up the middle claw and removed it,
At first it was hard to figure out how to remove it and wasted time uselessly.

I'm thrilled to try it in forest road soon.

I thought it was possible to Recommendation Custom.

CRF250L mugenSpec. Mounting on.
However, since it interfered with mugenSilencer, exchange with RSV Slip-on Silencer at the same time.
After exchanging, there were things that occasionally stalled in half a crown at the time of departure, but it drastically decreased after installation. Running will grow to Smooth. Power will not have changed, I feel like Torque has increased. Even with high gear, any scene from town to touring will be useful as it will stick!
Fuel efficiency also improves at liter 30 km or more, it is two birds with one stone.
After installation, my CRF 250L can now hear Lingling sound from Idling.

Bolt The hole does not fit, it is the worst.. Usually Quantity : I only have 1 pc in a place I have to stop with 2 pc.
It is like throwing 3 million yen.

There are no other Parts that are so easy and comfortable like this and are the best in COSPA?

Appearance and power performance can be improved with a little gold amount of 20,000 yen.
If you look at the accompanying procedure manuals, beginners can exchange work while having fun.
If you look at the installation movie of HP you can make it even easier.
Joint gasket is hard to come off
We recommend you to remove Silencer first.

Of particular note is that Emble and Don are both Mild!
Operability is improved by liberating from low-speed gearing.

Torque and horsepower were raised throughout the area
Downshift also sticky Downshift count decreased.

It is 5 years since I got on WR, but I finally bought it. Since installing also loosens several Bolt and exchanges it with OEM, I think that if you are a little familiar with the work you can install without problems, but if you do not remove the remaining garbage of OEM Gasket on the Exhaust System side well and cleanly Since there is a possibility that Gas leaks after installation, it is attention only there. I am satisfied with the feeling that I changed some sort of appearance after installation. As a ride impression, I was able to feel the change from running. Especially I felt that the growth of 1st and 2nd speed got better and the embreement at the time of Downshift was relaxed making it easier to handle. In addition, I was able to run using Torque up as a whole, up to the sixth speed I did not normally use in skusca. While riding, I certainly feel a fever around sune, I think it's better than Motorcycle with Cowl. Even without buying the Full Exhaust System, it was good enough to buy it because it is affordable and the price is affordable.