ALBA mainly handles replacement parts that are offered at a reasonable price. Many of their products have quality that equal OEM parts.
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Although the sheet of SDR was a complicated form, it was able to be stretched finely.
The crease is made strongly in part and when disappears well probably for packing? A product of this sort becomes uneasy.
I always think don't carry out not being needed side it will not understand anymore if it stretches firmly, but it stretches.

В Suzyki Lets 2 установил в вариатор 3 ролика ALBA по 14,5 г ,вместо изношенных (которые были в заводской комплектации).На низких оборотах скутер стал двигаться плавно, без рывков.При разгоне динамика не ухудшилась. In Suzyki Lets 2, I installed 3 ALBA clips of 14.5 g in the variator, instead of worn out ones (which were factory-made). At low revs, the scooter began to move smoothly, without jerking. When overclocked, the dynamics did not deteriorate.(translated by Google Translator)

Downs of Drive belt slowly progressing and I think that it is hard to notice.
However, since it is a part that reliably affects the running performance, let's check when removing the surrounding Parts

I used Massimo 's V Belt for a long time and I am satisfied with the performance. When I tried to purchase V Belt in addition to regular maintenance this time, I found Belt bespoke webike!
Cost performance was good, I thought a bit uneasy at first, but it turned out to be V Belt of Massimo when I looked closely well, it is safe to say that it is cheap, by simplifying Package and reducing cost by ordering Large amount Did. Drive system and Exhaust Systemetc. I think that it is enough for Light tuning vehicles.
If you want to purchase as a reserve of V Belt, Package has been simplified and almost Belt is exposed in the box, so please be careful. (It is the packing of the necessary minimum Small limit. )
In general, I think Belt is recommended for both price and performance. (Vehicle used : CYGNUS X SE44J 2010 MODELFOR JAPAN MODEL use)

作为一个爱摩托的女汉子,花式百变是必须的!~这剪刀手的风格而且还是我喜欢的蓝色,装在我的猴子上,又可以换个风格撒野了,就是希望厂商能出个“石头”和“布”两个版本,还有就是金属杆本体如果有黑色的就更好了。 As a female man who loves motorcycles, fancy change is a must! ~ This scissors hand style is still my favorite blue, installed on my monkey, you can change the style to wild, is to hope that manufacturers can produce a "stone" and "cloth" two versions, there is a metal rod If the body is black, it is better.(translated by Google Translator)

OEM PartsLever Quantity at one price : Pair (for Left and Right) Quantity of : Since Set can be purchased, Cost performance can be said to be excellent. However, for Brake lever it is more fundamental than Adjustable, Parts on Master Cylinder side is Quantity : It is not set. It is only Lever division.

ALBA Front Disc Rotor fits easily for the front tire. I used the Sintered Brake Shoes along with the disc and it works well. High quality price value product.

hindi ito para sa address fi 115... hindi naman ito kasukat... wala yung tinatamaan ng electric starter sa outer diameter ng drive face eh... it's not for the address fi 115 ... It's not quite measurable ... the electric starter hit the outer diameter of the drive face eh ... (translated by Google Translator)