【Mitsubasankowa】Vise Guard Air Combo

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The portable lock that combines softness and strength
VICEGUARD Air is not only light and flexible, but also hard to cut with only one tool, which is a completely new concept of security lock with both portability and cutting resistance.
The belt is made of a special material composed of a special stab-proof fiber and stainless steel wire.
The special stab-proof fiber, which is also used in the stab-proof vests of overseas police forces, is difficult to cut with nippers and wire cutters that are strong against metal materials, and the woven stainless steel wire is effective against scissors and cutters that are strong against fibers.
The combination of softness and stiffness makes it a lightweight product with excellent cutting resistance.
The belt is made in Japan using a special manufacturing method that is a traditional Japanese technique to achieve both flexibility and strength.
It can be carried under the seat or in the pocket of the jacket because it can be rolled up and stored in a small size.

Lightweight aluminum body padlock
The padlock set with the stab-proof belt is made of a lightweight yet strong aluminum body.
This is the longest belt in our lineup at 1500mm and the weight of the lock is only 250g.

Choice of products
VICEGUARD Air COMBO" with padlock and belt
VICEGUARD Air" is a single stab-proof belt that can be used in combination with a padlock of your choice.
The belt length is 350mm/900mm/1500mm.
You can choose from a total of 6 items to suit your needs and preferences.
The 350mm is recommended for helmet locks and theft prevention of car bags, the 900mm for wheel locks and the 1500mm for so-called earth locks.


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