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Excellent product. Mounts easily to many handlebar setups. Very versatile! Oversized zipper makes access easy, even with one hand or when wearing gloves.

The quality of these riding pants are excellent. They fit as advertised. However, there is a very thick lining inside the pants to help with abrasion. This lining makes the pants too warm and uncomfortable in SE Asia.

ได้รับสินค้าตามรูปแบบครบตามจำนวน แพ๊คมาอย่างดี สมบูรณ์ไม่มีรอยขีดข่วน ถึงตามเวลาที่กำหนด

คุณภาพดี คุ้มเกินราคา

Great bag that straps firmly to my luggage rack. I like being able to carry a tool roll and flat tire kit with a compressor along with a bottle of water and camera. Also has side and top pockets for smaller items like glasses, bike documents, Covid masks, phone charger, etc. The straps are sturdy and only takes about 20-30 seconds to affix to the bike. It came with a shoulder strap, but I doubt I will ever use it. I have tested this in heavy rain and it IS waterproof.

I've bought this filter and I think it's cheap for this money. The photo shows a used filter, you'll get one that's completely white in colour. The filter also fits for the 750 cc and all models that have the bug eyes on the right and left side. That's what a new filter looks like. It's held by one tiny screw and it takes only 15 minutes to replace the filter. The first time you can clean this filter with pressured air, but when it gets too dark, it's better to replace it.

Great filter made of good material and fits perfectly. My old one had deep cuts and it was nice to find the filter here in Thailand. The price is good and the service as well.

Good product very happy