【TORUNA】Long Fat Steel Joint

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    • TORUNA19

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Diameter: Φ22mm
Length: 1800mm
Included Parts: Cloth Cover, Key (3pcs.)


It can be tied to a pole or locked to two units at the same time..

Features:Thick and rigid, long type!


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    I bought it for for Motorcycle.
    It is too long to carry, but because it reaches from the front wheel to the rear wheel, the sense of security is outstanding.

    It is quite long, even if it crosses the body it is too much. I regret that I should have bought a bit more short.

    Since I wanted to lock and lock Randa 's handrail and Motorcycle, I purchased a little longer 1800 mm.

    I think that it was about 2,700 yen at the price at the time of purchase, but I think that it is definitely cheap in the same quality of the Link lock of this length.

    I thought that making was cheap, I was quite surprised by the solid nose.
    The important "ruggedness" seems to be perfect ♪

    If it is a tool that can disconnect this lock, even a lock of several thousand yen higher will be cut in the same way - - - I believe that this product is enough.

    In Key hole, Material : There is Plastic's Shutter, it seems to protect us from Garbage and the rain a little.
    Although it is about a better than nothing, I am glad that it is cheap by attaching to Shutter in addition to guteness!.

    The point I do not like is that when you unlock it you can not get out of Key.
    I read other people 's impression, I knew it and purchased it, but it was inconveniently inconvenient.
    Because I do not need a Shutter, I wanted Key to be able to come out even when unlocking (Lol)

    I bought it because I was attempted to steal Motorcycle.
    I purchased this product looking for a long cheap lock on the premise that I can lock the earth.
    Length is also good enough for earth locking.
    It is difficult to lock a little.

    In order to make the heart which is going to carry out a theft break, it purchases as one Performance.If more than one are locked and it will be a sudden theft person, I think the kana to which abandonment is attached.It is cheap if a theft can be controlled now.Although it is unavoidable if a PRO comes well ...Since it is easy to do attachment and detachment rather than having considered, I think that it is good.Since the
    price is also cheap, it is one of recommended [ the ].

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