KZ900 Special Build Machine

  • 07/08/2019

The Endurance Cafe Racer Solo Seat with an aggressive position of a clip-on handlebar.
It can be converted to a racing specification with an ideal suspension mount and frame reinforcement by changing the suspension mounting position, and it is possible to apply around the cowl mount, headlight mount and rear fender which is unique to SBM. It is said to be a symbol of a racer. It is also possible to operate the main key, seat lock, and handlebar lock by using One Key Function. This special build machine uses excellent performance parts and can endure everything from street to circuit.

2015 Concept Model Specification Details
Engine Full Overhaul
The consumable parts such as the valve, valve guide, and idler are new.
Crank centering & balancing, Mission Resolution Cleaning, Z1000 J Clutch Conversion
Displacement 930cc Casting Piston 1.0mmO/S
Exhaust PMC LOUDEX Exhaust System Racing/Up Mount
Carburetor KEIHIN CR31
Smooth STREAM Airstream Series, Power Filter
Selected Throttle Kit Type-2
Frame Blasting Treatment, Urethane Coating with Hard Burned
color, 10-position Reinforced, Steering Damper Mount Added, Cowl Frame Mount Processing
Swingarm PMC Round Swingarm with Stabilizer
Front Fork KYB 38mm Triple Clamp Type-2
Rear Shock YSS S362
Front Wheel DID Aluminum 2.50-18, BUCHANANS Stainless Steel Spoke
Rear Wheel DID Aluminum 4.00-18, BUCHANANS Stainless Steel Spoke
Front Brake F320mm Works Expanded Disc Rotor
AP Racing CP2696 Caliper
Nissin Radial Master (Reserve Tank Integrated Model)
Rear Brake F250mm Works Expanded Disc Rotor
AP Racing CP2696 Caliper
Nissin Rear Master (Black Paint)
Handlebar TOMMASELLI Adjustable Clip-on Handlebar
ZX Type Handlebar Switch
Footpeg PMC Billet Rearsets Type-2
Exterior Cafe Racer Cowl, Endurance Long Tank, H2 Tail Cowl
Paint Special Paint Specification (Painted by Rustic)
Seat H2 Seat Assembly Solo Seat Processing Tuck Roll Specification

Special Thanks

Advisor TAVAX Engineering Processing of swing arm and a suspension frame mount
O-TEC SUZUKA LOUDEX Exhaust System Up-mount Processing
Parts Magical Racing Racer Replica Mirror etc.
Teramoto Co.,Ltd T-REV Internal Pressure Control Valve
Acewell by ABC Co., Ltd Acewell Digital Meter etc
Kowa Co., Ltd. Chromoly Axles, etc.
American Dream Cafe Racer Cowl Kit etc.
Doremi Collection H2 Tail Cowl etc.
Dunlop Motorcycle Corporation aa13 Tyre
Paint Rustic Exterior Universal Aluminum Rim Art Paint
Wet Blast Double-up Motorcycle Wet blasting of engine surface

Original Source[ PMC ] (*Japanese)

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See Accessories for KAWASAKI Z900 (KZ900)

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