Estimated Price Honda CBR250RR Two Cylinder

  • 01/06/2016

Estimated Price Honda CBR250RR Two Cylinder - tampang cbr250rr

The issue .. Honda CBR 250RR two cylinders, already exist in Indonesia and is the test phase. MOTOR Plus can leak from a reliable source on the estimated price of the Honda CBR250RR. It turns out two-cylinder CBR would be sold Rp 70 million.


If the Honda CBR250RR estimated price of Rp 70 million, is arguably the most expensive price above the price of a Yamaha YZF-R25 and New Kawasaki Ninja 250R. But comparable to the most luxurious features to sport 250 cc class.


Luxury features that are served by a two-cylinder CBR, it is the front tomorrow already carry the model upside down USD, swing arm using the banana and Ride-by-wire throttle for operational alias a strapless gasRide-by-wire So it is quite reasonable with the price of Rp 70 million.


Compression Machine R3 (R25), Ninja 250 and CBR 250 Two-Cylinder

Estimated Price Honda CBR250RR Two Cylinder - komparasi R25 Ninja dan CBR250

MOTOR Plus Online already can leak on engine Honda New CBR 250R holding two cylinders with pistons 62 mm and 41.36 mm stroke it means the two-cylinder CBR 250R so 249.6 cc.


Well .. with that data, Plus Online MOTOR R25 try comparison engine, two-cylinder Ninja and CBR. Whereas, for engines equipped Yamaha YZF-R3 (R25) piston stroke 60.0 mm by 44.1 mm. A cylinder capacity of 249.6 cc counted so.


There was certainly New Kawasaki Ninja 250R which first appeared over two rivals. The Ninja, knocked the engine compression piston diameter of 62 mm and stroke of 41.2 mm. Fill cylinder 248.6 cc.


When viewed from the character of the kitchen runway third, two-cylinder CBR 250, will be similar to New Ninja. But, it still depends on the settings Noken, compression and mapping of the ECU. Realnya, we wait until CBR 250 two-cylinder engine is launched.


Power Honda CBR 250 Two-Cylinder At Large

Estimated Price Honda CBR250RR Two Cylinder - CBR 250 Dua Silinder Tembus 37 HP

Tim MOTOR Plus Online, said power Honda CBR 250 two translucent cylinder 37 hp! With a 37 hp power, it means that power Honda CBR 250 has a two-cylinder power than competitors that are no larger than New Kawasaki Ninja 250 and the Yamaha YZF-R25.


Based on testing MOTOR Plus Online, both competitors Honda only capable of spewing power most 28 hp! The data from the test motor is still under standard conditions loh!


That means, CBR 250 has two cylinder 9 hp more power than others. This, because the use of machinery and of course new technologies. It could be that powernya Honda CBR 250 two-cylinder 37 hp.




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