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I used PCX 2012 for 10 years and I will continue to use it in next 10 years. That's why I buy this to upgrade to digital meter days. I have not install it yet as my mechanic booked me in the end of month, but I know it will be awesome !!. The manual comes in Japan, but I believed from picture telling color of the wires, my mechanic should have not much trouble figure out how to put them together. I also but the additional water pump attachment, I like to make the most utility from this thing. The additional attachment was written as kitaco item number in the manual, I search google and somehow it bring me to webike store and it is here : It is not a cheap but I believed this is the reward I and my ride deserved.

Fit the PCX 2012. But you can see the option to attach Right mirror is not much as it would limited by the Brake pump (check pic). So I it need to install on knuckle only. But what if you buy only the windshield..? I live in not so much cold temp place so the hand shield is mostly for fashion but it would help in light rain I think. I had problem with the installation somehow, I feel like I the two screw to lock the knuckle was too long and the nut would not properly installed. I think there should be some kind of rubber rings missing here. I ended up added 2-3 mm washer to the stack so the screw and nut could fit properly. In the pic is the shield on its highest position. You can feel the drag when running in high speed but I think it is ok for touring style.

Very good quality and durable rollers!Thanks a lot Webike thailand.

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