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[Manufacturer Part no.] TST1050REV1


What are Throttle Stabilizers?
A throttle stabilizer is a throttle controlling mechanism that enables the rider to secure their throttle to a desired opening or setting.
The Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer Kit consists of a simple, ingenious and robustly designed friction nut that is integral with a special Kaoko?
handle bar end weight.

The Kaoko?
bar end weight is closely matched in appearance and weight to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bar end weight.
Most installations simply require the removal of the OEM bar end weight and the fitting of the Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer kit in its place.
Operation of the Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer:To Engage:Whilst rolling on the throttle, the friction nut can be gripped between your small finger and palm of your hand.
This action tightens the nut and provides sufficient friction to set throttle to the desired opening.
(The friction is such that the rider may still open and close the throttle.
It simply has a slight rotational resistance to it.
)To Disengage:Whilst rolling off the throttle, grip the friction nut between your small finger and palm of your hand.
The throttle should open and snap closed freely when correctly disengaged.
It cannot lock
It can be overridden in an instant
It's operation is natural and instinctive
Fully trusted by "Big Name" distributors in USA, Europe and Australia
5 Year Functional Guarantee; however the Kaoko Cruise Control should last the life of the motorcycle that it is fitted to.

Can I install the Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer kit myself?With each Kaoko throttle stabilizer a set of unique and specific product fitting instructions is included.
Fitting is quick and simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.
In most cases the fitting of the Kaoko cruise control simply requires the removal of the OEM throttle side bar weight, and replacing it with the Kaoko cruise control kit.
Please read our terms before making a purchase.

Fitment :
TRIUMPH::SPRINT 1050 GT::10-14::::
TRIUMPH::SPRINT 1050 ST::05-10::::
TRIUMPH::SPRINT 1050 ST::06-10::ABS::
TRIUMPH::SPRINT 955 ST::99-04::::
TRIUMPH::TROPHY 1215 SE::12-17::::

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