【KITACO】Power Supply Extraction Harness

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    • 756-9000310

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Applicable Models:

YZF-R1M (2KS all models)

YZF-R6 (BN 6 all models)

YZF-R1 (2CR all models)

GSX-S750 (C533F)

GSX-S1000F (GT79B)

GSR750 -GR7NA-101671

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Type: YAMAHA (Type2)
Cut-out Location: It takes power from the tail lamp connector.
Included Parts: KITACO Original Mark Tube (ACC+, GND-)


*Please do not use it for the connection of high power consumption products (such as amp, compressor).
*It uses CA/CB 103 (HONDA) female type bullet terminal for the bullet terminal of the harness.
*This model can not take out the power supply of BATT+.


It easily retrieves the included parts power supply such as USB power supply!!

It is required to secure power supply for included parts such as mobile phone etc for daily necessities.
It can extract BATT +, ACC + with minimal wiring work just to insert it into finger fixed coupler because it is an exclusive design.
It has an easy-to-understand power supply label on the take-out lead wire.

Applicable Models


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