【TGR RACING WHEEL】Hard Spring Front

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Applicable Models:

SEROW250 05-
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for Street Use
Spring Rate: 4.6N/mm See More

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for Street Use
Spring Rate: 4.6N/mm


SEROW built to correspond to various situations ranging from STREET to Off-road, and even TRIAL play.
Because it is a vehicle that is used for various purposes, regarding the undercarriage "A little after" And there are many requests.
Therefore, Technix developed FORK SPRING for YAMAHA SEROW 250.
Limited the running field to STREET and strengthen Spring rate by about 15% than OEM.
Setup to make it specialized for Grip feeling and operability on the road surface.
It also reduces fatigue feeling by suppressing Pitching in a scene where repeating Stop & Go at traffic lights and intersections.
Turn around the town and get more fun at high speeds.
Technix Recommended SettingData is included.
Adjusting Oil viscosity and Oil Level will improve Performance dramatically.

Applicable Models

    • SEROW250 05-