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MAJESTY125 FI Vehicles

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* The image is of the former model. The color and details may differ from the actual product.

* You will require highly professional knowledge on engine to handle this product.

* This product is for race use. We cannot accept any claims regardless of the circumstances.
Also, we owe no responsibility for the troubles this product may cause. Please use it at your own responsibility.

* You cannot improve speed or power just by having a reinforced fuel pump.
Please do not handle this part if you do not have knowledge on injection parts. It may cause serious accidents.

* You may require some processing to install this part depending on the model year of your vehicle. The processing will not be that difficult, just cut it a bit with cutters.


A reinforced fuel pump for CYGNUS X, BWS125, and MAJESTY 125 FI models.
When you have replaced the injector or when you have performed tuning up till high rotation on vehicles with high fuel pressure, you may have experienced unstable fuel pressure condition caused by not having enough fuel supply per minute.
This reinforced fuel pump discharges a large amount of fuel each minute.

Injection models can have high response and high output with the following structure:
* By discharging the fuel near the intake valve, the injector atomizes the fuel effectively.
* It can reduce the resistance of the inlet air passage, for it does not have a venturi like carburetors.
As a consequence, the "injector" becomes the most important factor for tuning an injection model.

If you exchange it to a larger injector to achieve further power, more fuel will be injected, for the nozzle of a large injector is much bigger.
Yet, if you highly rotate the engine in such a state, its condition might get unstable, as it may lack fuel supply from the fuel pump each minute.
This reinforced fuel pump with large discharging amount will stabilize the fuel pressure by raising the fuel supply per minute.
The basic injection tuning is to install necessary parts in a balanced manner.

You can also use it in case the original OEM fuel pump breaks down.
Since an OEM replacement part is sold in an assembly style, you will have to replace the whole content of the tank; which becomes quite expensive
With this pump, all you need to replace is the pump itself. You can save a lot of money.
Furthermore, even if you use this pump on a normal type vehicle, there will be no merits nor demerits, for the increased fuel discharged amount will be cancelled out by its return amount (the unused fuel will return to the tank).
In other words, it is a high performance part which can also be used as a "replacement part" for an OEM part.

It will be mounted after disassembling the OEM fuel pump Assy. The size of the OEM pump of the tank is fixed for it is located inside the cover, and therefore a fuel pump other than the size of an OEM part cannot be installed.
This part is finished in the size (outer size) of an OEM product, and can be a replacement of an OEM pump.

Applicable Models

    • BWS125
    • CYGNUS X FI car SE44J
    • MAJESTY125 FI Vehicles


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    Because CYGNUS X28SNORMALPump stops responding, exchange
    Because it was an electric trap, you will need such parts.
    But what do you think if you think it will break on the road, how is it? Yamaha is feeling.

    2013 / 07 / I replaced it for 21 and it broke down at about 50,000 kilometers.
    When I got 100 kilometers, the Engine came to be stopped.
    There is no abnormality when the fuel is full Tan.
    Enhanced Pump is also a consumable item. I seem to make a contractor in Taiwan.
    I changed it to OEM now.
    You can run without problems.

    I used it for SEROW 250.
    The parts themselves were the same, so I could divert them.
    I just exchanged, but for now there is no problem.

    I am using it for MAJESTY 125
    Standard fuel Fu Pump has a Recall problem - - -
    Installation was somewhat troublesome, but it works without problems

    I am using it for MAJESTY 125
    Standard fuel Fu Pump has a Recall problem - - -
    Installation was somewhat troublesome, but it works without problems

    CYGNUS X Taiwan Fifth period Recall has appeared so use it as an OEM compatible item.
    There is more wicking than reinforced Pump than OEM, but if only Pump is exchanged, extra Gasoline returns to Fuel Tank so it can be used for OEM vehicles.
    Although the operation sound is slightly larger than OEMPump, it can be used without problems.
    As I bought it was CHAMELEON FACTORY Pump which started shortly after release, so the terminal was short and I mounted it so that I can not remove the Bullet Terminal of car Both Sides. It seems that it has been improved so that it can be attached now.
    It is difficult to exchange by oneself unless you are accustomed to Motorcycle messing.

    However, when I used it for 3 years, Pump sound became abnormally Large, so I changed it to Recalled countermeasured OEMPump.
    In addition, Recump countermeasure already Pump is like the head part of PumpBody seems to be Brown.

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