【PIAA】Sports Horn

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[manufacturer's part number]
Right hand winding/400Hz:Q5K-PIA-270-430
Left-hand winding/500Hz:Q5K-PIA-270-447
Right hand winding/600Hz:Q3P-PIA-292-326

[PIAA part number]
Right hand winding / 400Hz MHO-1
Left-hand winding / 500Hz MHO-2
Right-hand winding / 600Hz MHO-3

[Specifications]12V, 2 terminals, 112dB, ground wire included


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I even want to pay attention to the sound!The horn can be selected from low 400Hz, medium 500Hz and high 600Hz.
It is equipped with water sand guard, so it is safe for naked cars.
Lightweight 194g!Loud 112dB horn with beautiful swirling tones!
With the grounding harness included, either 1 or 2 terminals can be installed.


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    가격도 저렴하게 잘샀습니다. 저번에 구입해 직접 장착했습니다..릴레이 따로 장착 없이 바로 장착 가능합니다.소리도 단발치고는 훌륭합니다.아내의 차에 장착 해주려고 추가 구매 하였습니다.소리가 맑고 경쾌 합니다.가격대비 대만족입니다. I bought the price well cheaply. I purchased it last time and installed it directly. Relays can be installed without any mounting. Sound is also excellent for one step.(translated by Google Translator)

    순정 혼 대체로 구입했습니다. 소리도 좋고 제품 좋네요 배송도 국내보다 많이 늦지않네요 국내배송보다 2일정도 더 소요 되는듯하네요 쌍발혼은 구조변경 대상이라 단발혼으로 구매 했습니다. I bought pure genuine horn. Sounds good and it's good. Delivery is not much later than domestic. It seems that it takes 2 more days than domestic delivery.(translated by Google Translator)

    This horn gives a high tone. When used in conjunction with the 500Hz, the sound is more resonant. Overall, I think there is a more PIAA Slender Horn dimension, which is 400Hz+500Hz. But the PIAA Sports Horn can be set up to 600Hz.

    I've never used the PIAA Horn, but have read many reviews that many website recommend buying a PIAA Sport Horn. So I bought a pair of 500Hz + 600Hz. I don't feel disappointed.However I was a little shocked every time. I hugged the horns installed on my bike.

    I think that if someone would install single horn. I recommend install PIAA 500Hz. only. You get a high tone. And better than the original horn from the factory. And you don't need a relay. Just unplug the factory horn and replace PIAA horn!

    After I tried installing the PIAA horns to replace the another brand digital horns. I feel that the PIAA's horn is brighter and has a better sound dimension. Of course, it must be installed together. I installed 400Hz and 500Hz, which I thought would not change to another brand.

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