【DRC】Sprocket Bolt/Nut

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Size: M8 x 25mm
Quantity: 1 Set of 6pcs.


It is a set 6pcs. of tapered bolts and lock nuts for sprocket mounting.
The 8mm taper bolt, washer and lock nut for sprocket mounting are a sets of 6pcs.

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    WR 250X I exchange Bolt at the same time as Sprocket exchange of 2007 year.
    I am driving without trouble for now without looseness.

    Rear sprocket We exchanged at the same time when exchanging.
    If this price is exchanged everything will not be regrettable.
    Rigid feeling ? Fit feeling is also good.
    All Quantity : Set so it's safe.

    OEM is too expensive when exchanging, so use this.
    There is also a reputation for easy licking, but I think that work is probably only bad.
    It's enough.
    I have never Trouble so far.
    I will keep using it for the future.

    NORMAL's Bolt is 10 mm and Renthal 48 Duo Sprocket can not be installed, but this Bolt solves! Off car is a salvation Bolt who is supposed to think Renthal's big sprocket is cool! W

    Rear sprocket I bought it along with the exchange.
    Since Bolt & Nut attached to purchased Sprocket was able to be used, this is unused but I think that it is a good good item for Cost performance.
    You can also use it with other models.

    Honda's OEM Parts Number Because ordering is troublesome, I replaced it with kore.
    Material is so soft as Aluminum casting.
    I had to scare it when it was not working carefully.
    It works well if attached, but is not suitable for frequent removal.

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