【Mikuni】39. O-rings Pilot Screw

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Price: ฿113
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Applicable Models:

TMR Carburetor Big bodyΦ36-Φ41/Small bodyΦ28-Φ35 MIKUNI

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O-ring Pilot Screw (N133037)
Corresponding Carburetor: TMR Carburetor Big Body Φ36-Φ41/Small Body Φ28-Φ35


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Applicable Models

    • TMR Carburetor Big bodyΦ36-Φ41/Small bodyΦ28-Φ35 MIKUNI


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    XJR400 (RH02J) In OEM Parts Number, PS and Set can only obtain O-ring, but it is expensive, but if you use here you can purchase only the necessary O-ring cheaply.

    In use at SRV 250, it will not appear on Yamaha OEM, but here is OEM Product purchase from Mikuni. I can use Air Screw without problem.

    It is very helpful to have inventory of these consumables.
    Especially repair O-ring etc - Because I can not repair, I always want to keep it constantly,
    Since I would like to purchase it for other shopping, it is a small part, but I can trust ManufacturerOEM Product
    I hope Webike also does not cut stocks.

    There is a place indispensable for throw adjustment of Carburetor setting
    It is a Pilot screw.
    O-ring here is an old car and Large is crashing.
    If it collapses, in the case of 4 cylinders etc. with Rose comes out, each Screw can not grasp the exact return rotation and it may suck the air
    We exchanged at the time of cleaning together with Washer.

    TZR250 It was used by three MA. Although it thought that O rings, such as a product made from a Straight, would be used at the beginning of
    >, since it discovered here, it purchased.

    I consider [ that it is difficult to be crushed and to measure a size in many cases and ] a used O ring. After becoming a Trouble in the future only wants to avoid using the O ring of a suitable Size.

    Since it is a detached island home also without an article store, it is appreciated that the direct buying of such Maintenance parts can be individually carried out even from a Net.

    A carburetor out of condition is also done in it its best and corrected.

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