【RK】Standard Series Chain 428SH

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for Street

Chain Size: 428
Color: Steel
Chain Type: Non-seal
Joint Type: Clip Joint
Included Parts: Joint x 1pc.


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It drives the old motorcycle smoothly despite of being a non-seal due to hard steel materials with pin, solid bush, and roller adoption. It demonstrates uneven strength and durability as cheap items. (Comparison between non-seals)

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    Since Gain of Chain of GN125H has grown, I thought that it was relief somewhat if it was RK and I bought it. Of course it became quiet as it was a brand new and running was also very smooth. As for durability, I think that it will change by Large by riding method, so I think that it would be good for about one year to use for commuting at this price. I am thankful that it is possible to specify the number of LINKs exactly at the time of ordering! I was delighted because the delivery date was also early, I ordered it in the morning with inventory and I was surprised because it arrived in the evening.

    I am using EK, DID and RK Non-seal so cheaply and enough performance.
    SmallEngine Displacement Volume is good because non-seal is very cheap and easy to handle with good availability.

    Performance is made by DID, but the availability and price are LEAD one step further.
    As OilMaintenance factional person, RK is satisfied well by Cospa anyway.

    For those who do not maintain much, high-grade Seal type is recommended.

    Chain exchange At the same time purchasing a reliable RKChain's standard product at Webbtsk who is using it regularly to exchange Sprocket before and after.
    Sound also becomes quiet and now we are comfortable riding.
    If you keep Maintenance properly, your attachment will further increase.
    I am satisfied..

    Although he hears that a Non-seal is extended easily, it is also a half a year grade in 5~October that cars are also combined use and a chill snowfall place, and a transportation device rides on a Motorcycle. Since it does not work hard, a Normal chain is enough for itself. Although the Cost of the

    Chain itself is also so, care and cleaning is substituted for the cheap Grease spray. Since it is a Non-seal, the neighborhood is whether suitable it is satisfactory if oil has got in for the time being.

    It is an ant if it is this price in MDE IN JAPAN.
    sense of security, durability, and a Cost performance are the passing marks.

    [Webike Monitor] Since it is a Clip-type joint without the necessity for
    caulker, if there is exchange as long as 10 minutes, it will be calmly possible. Although I think that uneasiness of a certain direction is in the intensity of
    Clip type, if the Manufacturer is taking out at all, I use it in comfort and think that there is no problem.
    Although both sets are Clip types, it was used by a high speed, off-road one, etc., and did not become a problem once. The
    price is also cheap and exchange is also easy. It is

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