[YAMAHA Thailand Team Norick] Suzuka 4Hour Endurance Road Race

  • 29/08/2016

[YAMAHA Thailand Team Norick] Suzuka 4Hour Endurance Road Race

* Tournament: 2016 Suzuka/Kinki Championship Series Round 4 Suzuka 4-hour Endurance Road Race
* Date: Saturday July 30, 2016
* Place: Suzuka Circuit (Mie Prefecture)

On Saturday July 30 under the unrelenting mid-summer sun, Peerapong Boonlert and Keminth Kubo competed in the ST600 class of 2016 Suzuka/Kinki Championship Series Round 4 Suzuka 4-hour Endurance Road Race.
The venue totally warmed up because it was also the day before the Suzuka 8-hour endurance race.
The Suzuka 4-hour endurance race started in such a situation!
The team got through the qualifying race as the third! They could start at the position which was close to the victory!

At the final race, in spite of the unfamiliar Le Mans-style start, Team Norick demonstrated the result of practice and overtook one motorcycle in the first lap. They raised the position to the second.
They lost their position to the third in the 13th lap, but they raised again to the second. Furthermore, they got the top position in the 20th lap!

They kept the top position to the 42nd lap and took a pit stop for a rider change.
After the restart, they remained on the top to the 58th lap.
When Peerapong intentionally increased the speed because the distance to the following teams was getting shorter, he did regrettable highside.
Peerapong somehow got back to the race with his left wrist injured. In the end, he was changed to Keminth.
Their position fell to the 51st. They could not largely raise their position and finished the 50th place.

The race ended up with an unfortunate result; however, the wonderful run until the rollover and the completion of the race will lead to a big step toward the future.

◊ Rider/Race Result
ST600 Class
1st rider: Peerapong Boonlert
2nd rider: Keminth Kubo
Final Race: 50th
Best Time: 2’17.867

Peerapong Boonlert

Comments by Peerapong Boonlert

I fell in the 58th lap at the 4Hour Endurance Race.
I felt uneasy about the rival behind us because they raised its time; so I thought I should increase my speed for the sake of my team. When I did, I did highside contrary to my intention.
After the rollover, I somehow raised the machine and got back to the pit.
But, we lost a lot of places.

I am terribly sorry for letting supporters down.
I will do my best so as to get a good result in the next race.

Peerapong Boonlert

Keminth Kubo

Comments by Keminth Kubo

I did all I could.
It is unfortunate that Peerapong did highside in the 58th lap and we lost our position from the top to the 50th.
Peerapong got injured to his left wrist when he fell, so I had to drive all the rest by myself.
Since I don’t have much experience, it was difficult to get a good result. I do believe that the experience I got this time would lead to the future.

Thank you very much for your continued support.
I am deeply sorry about the result.
Thailand Yamaha Team Norick is still moving on.
I will do my best in the next race, too! I hope your continued support!!

Keminth Kubo



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