[Test Ride Reviews] ”CB1100” The Sophisticated Black Model

  • 29/08/2016


It’s more than 5 years since the CB1100 has launched and the CB1100s I often see in town still are in stock condition. Which proves how much the sophisticated concept has been accepted. But I doubt that all owners are satisfied with the stock condition. I’m sure some riders would like to upgrade the high class style rather than customizing it with motorcycle parts that focus on speed.


The “MUGEN” Edition responds to these needs and refines the machine with high quality. The most outstanding feature is the silver coated engine. It looks slightly larger than the OEM engine finished in black but isn’t conspicuous in a bad way nor does it superimpose the image of the good old CB750Four. But softly appeals the beautiful fin and features of the air-cooled engine that has been designed with preference.


The wheels are also finished in silver and emphasize contrast with the tires enhancing luxury and airiness. When you’re on the machine, the graphic designs on the tank will inform you that you’re riding the “MUGEN” Edition. The red and gold stripes painted on the black base are fascinatingly elegant. The deep colors of the body are like Lacquerware; so beautiful that you will hesitate to touch it.



Besides the case cover and cam cover, the main feature that characterizes the CB1100 style is the Air-cooling Straight 4 Cylinder Engine which has been thoroughly finished with silver that gives it even more outstanding presence. The silver finish emphasizes contrast with the tires and offers the machine sporty features.


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