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MT series, including the MT-09 and MT-07, which became very popular by the torque engine to light the body. New YZF-R1, which swept the racing world while debut year, such as the Suzuka 8-hrs Endurance Race, All Japan Road Race and BSB. Anyway, YAMAHA motorcycles are very powerful and on many people’s mind recently.

At that time, I received a invitation “Do you come to the factory tour?” from YAMAHA Motor Co., Ltd.,. The staff of Webike news editorial department went to YAMAHA Co.Ltd., while excitement.


YAMAHA Co.Ltd. manufacture approximately 600 million motorcycle in the world. In which, JAPAN IWATA Factory manufacture approximately 22 million motorcycle. The motorcycle to be produced in JAPAN is mainly a high-performance sports vehicle. In overseas factories, they mainly produce a small engine displacement commuter.

We were able to visit a building so called BUILDING 7. On that day, they produced multiple of models such as BOLT, TMAX, SR and Off-road competition models such as YZ250 and PW50 in the same factory.

If you notice “”Does YAMAHA factory has many production line that is possible to produce the various models at the same time?”” you’re very smart. In fact, Most of those models are produced at the same production line. Then, when reaching a certain number, it will be switched model to be produced. It means that the BOLT and TMAX530 are produced in the same production line.


This production method that produce one after another motorcycle in the flow production in one of the line is called ”line-type”. It would be helpful to you to image such as automobile manufacturing process.

However, If I say a impression of the line-type manufacturing process of Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd without fear of misunderstanding, there are many workers.


They assemble a motorcycle with approximately few meters interval side by side towards another person.

I was surprised at all these number of people was engaged to assemble a single motorcycle. That was beyond my expectations, because I expected more automated factories.


In a line type production line, it switches several line each day. It can produce roughly 6-model (!) on the same day.

Unlike automobile vehicle, each motorcycle has different engine and body depending on the model. There are many kinds of motorcycle that only have small lot production/manufacturer. It is courteously and efficiently done by the large number of skilled personnel who are being mentioned above.


On the other hand, Some motorcycle that have been manufactured for many years, and the production volume is not so many such as SR and PW50 were produced by method with two person that is called a cell type. This method is referred as the efficiency for better work in pairs when attaching each part, but there is also another advantage to pass on motorcycle manufacturing technology and educate the newcomer.


Each motorcycle is built up carefully by an employee of YAMAHA with cell type and line type, and taken complete inspection finally.

Only the person who have special qualifications that are familiar with all of the manufacturing process can be carried out a complete inspection.

They check from the mounting of the exterior and parts, starting the engine, opening the accelerator and changing shift gear.I saw they checked with all senses such as feel and sound obtained from one of the motorcycle.


YAMAHA motorcycles are produced carefully one by one, and those are delivered to Japanese and foreign users.

They would be based on sincere attitude to make things by a lot of people who work at the factory. There were many photos of the employee that enjoying the tour by own motorcycle in the factory area. YAMAHA Motorcycle, which is produced by motorcycle enthusiast seriously.


I am very proud and purely glad that my motorcycle is one of that motorcycle.

The YAMAHA Factory Tour was a splendid experience that let me feel such a enjoyable feeling.

*The photo is provided from YAMAHA Motor Co.,Ltd because taking picture in the YAMAHA Factory is prohibited.

*Currently, it does not seem to accept the YAMAHA Factory Tour towards the general.


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