Webike Thailand Test Ride YZF-R15 with Thai Yamaha

  • 12/09/2017


We were invited by Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for a test ride event on the all new YZF-R15 on September 9th 2017. All the media included us were so eager to get our hands on this new model, so let’s do not waste our time and get on with this tiny little monster from Yamaha!


It was a bit difficult for me to get on the bike as the seat height was 815 mm. while I was 160 cm. tall. The first impression that I got was a sportier style and more compact than the old version. What made it different was an inverted front forks and a clip on handlebars positioned a little lower of top bridge made it much easier when cornering.



The stability and lighter weight gave a new angle of leaning and a much easier in handling the bike from a new braking system installed by Yamaha.     


Suspension systems of the new YZF-R15 were in top rank. An immediate damping and rebound were on another level compared to the previous model. Those who once rode on the old model would noticed immediately that the new suspensions were softer.   



A new aggressive LED headlight gave a scent of YZF-R6. This newly designed fuel tank was perfectly fit with riding posture. An eye catching of R6’s tail light could also be found in this machine as well.



The old mechanical meter was replaced with a new in depth digital meter. What surprising was that I could clearly see my rear view with this new design of mirrors even when cornering.




Speaking of power. The engine responded very well to an acceleration of throttle. Low and mid range was really good and suitable for sport bike enthusiasts. I was unable to reach its top speed as a speed has been limited for our test ride event.



The only uncomfortable thing in this new YZF-R15 compared to the old model was the clip on handlebars that was too low for me. It strained my arms after holding in that riding posture for a long time. The effects will be doubled when you have a passenger. This is what you may need to endure if you want to ride this small, yet powerful bike.


All thanks to Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for this test ride event.

Those who would like to view all specification of this amazing machine, please visit Yamaha-Motor
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