Sakura Kogyo an Ultimate Exhaust from GP Class

  • 12/09/2017


All motorcycle enthusiasts and exhaust lovers know that a well-known Japanese exhaust manufacturer besides Yoshimura, Moriwaki, Over Racing and r’s gear, there are one more that has reached to the MotoGP level, while being one of the main sponsor for Yamaha’s team. This amazing exhaust manufacturer is none other than Sakura Kogyo, the one that we usually call Sakura Exhaust!



Sakura Kogyo doesn’t only manufacturer motorcycle exhaust, but their line of production also covers for automobile parts, electronic parts as well as suspension. Their production is considered one of the top manufacturer in Japan or even American in their field.


For almost 60 years, Sakura Kogyo keeps researching and developing nonstop, which leads them into a great achievement on MotoGP. The power of this exhaust has made itself known to the world by Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaro on their Yamaha YZR-M1 of Monster Yamaha Tech 3 on last year, while the new riders in this year, Johann Zargo and Jonas Folger, also trying to pull out its maximum performance on the race.



What stands out the most on Sakura exhaust is a slash cut beehive look, which supports on heat and weight reduction. Lightweight exhaust is what Sakura Kogyo after. The exhaust in the circuit must have lightest weight while being able to maintain its performance. The more weight reduction is the better.



Not long ago, in order to get an exhaust from Sakura Kogyo, you will need to export the exhaust from Japan which is very complicated. Now, the factory shifts to Thailand and provides various line up for Thai models with reasonable price. If you are looking for a premium exhaust to work with your beloved motorcycle, Sakura exhaust is one of the top brand you should consider.



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