Easy to ride, and a lot of fun. “Ducati Scrambler Icon” satisfies people from beginners to veterans.

  • 07/07/2016

[ Kenny Sagawa, Webike News Chief Editor ]


As we participated in “JAIA imported model test riding event” at Oiso Prince Hotel, Kanagawa prefecture, I’m going to introduce the model to catch editorial staff’s eye!

From the point of general riders view,’ we checked it on general road and Seisho By-pass (toll road)!


Revived Scrambler

In 2014, DUCATI had released new Scrambler.

It is still fresh in my memory that DUCATI had released a new model which couldn’t be said naked type nor dirt track type though DUCATI had been thought to sell super sport type and monster series.

This “NEW Scrambler” can be seen from its appearance to reflect the image of Scrambler DUCATI manufactured in early 1960’s to middle 1970’s.


DUCATI lines up total 6 kinds now, 5kinds of 803 cc and Sixty2 of 400 cc grade released this year (2016). I will write about test riding of “Scrambler Icon” which can be said as the most standard model.

Scrambler Icon (Yellow) Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: \1.065.000 (including tax)


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A motorcycle to make riders go out

Light body and positioning was easy to control. Also, I felt good to handle with active engine. I felt light to grip clutch, and riding was very exciting because it was easy to ride from low speed to high speed.

This motorcycle had familiarity like those I wrote.


Maximum output: 72hp (54kW)/8,250rpm (Japanese specifications)

Maximum torque: 67Nm (6.8kgm)/5,750rpm (Japanese specifications)



Handling / feeling in riding

Even turning in very low speed, cornering in usual riding, and wide corner on highway, the motorcycle could turn as well as riders thought in every situation I wrote. If you choose this as your first large-size motorcycle, this motorcycle can amuse you with ease.


I felt the wind attacking the upper half of my body strong, thinking it was because that the width of handle bar was a little wide and it was attached a little higher. In town, I felt good, feeling like cutting the wind through. However, it was not good at long-distance highway touring. I may be able to reduce the tiredness as caring not to be too fast, and taking rests sometimes.


Wheelbase: 1,455 mm Caster degree: 24° Trail: 112mm Steering angle: 35°



Scrambler Icon Operability / Foot grounding property

Foot grounding property was excellent. As its center of gravity was low and the body was light, operability was also good. Because handling angle was also wide, I didn’t feel uneasy even while U turning. I think it was easy to control even in complicated streets and also beginners and women may control it easily.


Seat Height: 790 mm, Low seat: 770 mm (option)



Scrambler Icon Utility

The single meter was good at its design, displaying engine speed and speed in one screen. You can change the display like ODO or Trip with the switch near hand.

I felt a little pain in my finger because the switch was a little edgy though it may not be a problem as getting used to it.



Its flat seat was wide enough that I felt comfortable while sitting. I think there may be no problem for two-up riding.

At the rear part of passenger seat, there are hollows in both side, attached with metal pipes. Passenger can grip those, and also, loading hooks can be attached with tapped holes.



・Under the seat, USB battery charger are equipped as option. It is useful for those who use many digital gadgets.

・The space under the seat can contain some on-vehicle tools and canned coffee.

・L twin engine with air-cooling of 800 cc generated heat a lot. You should be careful about overheating while warming up or congestion.




All things are good and a lot of fun with “Scrambler”

Those are well-balanced like handle bar’s width and height or the positions of seat and steps. The motorcycle made me sit upright and easy to control.

In addition to easiness of controlling, I felt very interesting because of the power capacity and torque produced by two-cylinder engine with air-cooling of 803 cc.


It was not too powerful, but I didn’t feel unsatisfied. In a good sense, I say that it makes us forget it is a “large-size motorcycle” because of its exquisite finishing. For beginners, as “first large-size motorcycles,” and for veterans, as “motorcycles to enjoy riding casually in town,” I want to recommend this.


Except “Icon” I introduced this time, there are four kinds of variation models, “Urban Enduro,” “Full Throttle,” “Classic,” “Flat Track Pro.” I want you to see those as well.



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