• 07/07/2016


Today I’d like to introduce BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX HYPER SPORT S21 tires.



They are the latest touring tires released this year. S21 is the next generation model of S20 EVO and fit in the Sports Touring Category. It compares favorably with T30 EVO and has succeeded in achieving longer life. The front features a sharp form and offers easy handling especially when cornering. You will be able to lean the vehicle with no effort. The rear tire has a gentle curve compared to the front tire. It will allow easy acceleration at the end of corners. By modifying the structure of the front and rear tire, they have the ability to offer easy cornering at mountain passes. Lifespan of the tires have also improved.


Two other points.

First the grip. By increasing ground contact area, grip has enhanced. Second. The tires feature thin patterns that look awesome.


Long Life High Grip Touring Tires are recommended for mountain passes. Check them out.


See report of test-riding event of tires sponsored by BRIDGESTONE


Shop Bridgestone Tire on Webike Japan











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