Big FUN in the Small body! MONKEY & GORILLA

  • 10/05/2016

MONKEY was released 40 years ago and still very popular because “The small vehicle body is filled with the big pleasure. Some people loves a small vehicle body like a pet.

The unique world as a “hobby Moto” has been established by MONKEY that has a different evaluation like a convenience and practical aspects of the vehicle, such as a recent motorized scooter.

Speaking of the maximum fun on that owns the MONKEY, it is abundance of custom parts. The line-up of the custom parts is increasing even at present, and it’s possible to build to your only 1 moto in the world.

You can also enjoy by changing the fuel tank in a different color and the sound (Exhaust Sound), and if you have a dissatisfaction in the speed and it is also possible to train by the tuning.

There are many MONKEY expert shops that are corresponded the demands of the MONKEY lovers nationwide.

Many derivation models from the MONKEY was released in the past because it has long history model. Each model has passionate fan. Choosing the type of vehicle by favorite design or application and purpose is also a feature of the MONKEY World.

Ultra Long Seller “MONKEY-chan”.

I hope MONKEY will continue to be released unchanged in the future.


You can buy only this MONKEY as a new vehicle in current HONDA line-up “leisure motorcycle ”.

The foldable handle is derived from the original concept that using for leisure and bring in car.

It is possible to choose many models because it has a long history of sales over 40 years. Fuel supply was changed to the injection from the carburetor. The electrical equipment was also changed to 12V from 6V. Transmission Type was also changed to 4-gear transmission from 3-gear semi-automatic. There are many kind of MONKEY. If you are not sure, it is better to ask to the motorcycle shop. In addition, many limited editions are also feature of MONKEY, recently, it has released “KUMAMON” collaboration model in April 2014.


Differences with the MONKEY are bigger tank capacity 9L (about 2 times more than MONKEY ), non-folding function handlebar and thicker seat. This is against that MONKEY concept is to carry in the car, GORILLA concept is to going to the destination by yourself.

It is a popular for users who prefer a heavy duty design but unfortunately it was finished the production in 2007.

Because MONKEY was equipped with an injection engine when model changed, Many customers hope to reproduce the GORILLA.


It was a MONKEY based model in the design like a deformation of off-road motorcycle XLR250 BAJA which was popular that days. BAJA is the name for the dessert race “BAJA 1000” at a Mexican Baja California Peninsula, and there were also other models as DIO BAJA in the past as the line-up of HONDA.

The performance to severe off-road riding is not enough because the basic body structure of the MONKEY BAJA is the same as the MONKEY. But you can still see the good ambiance such as MINIMOTO Class of Off-road Racing. MINIMOTO Class

If passing for the a long time, it might be in the candidate of mini class in vintage motocross.


It has a name of MONKEY but the vehicle structure is totally different. It is a model wearing a design inspired by mini racer boom of the late ’80s. It is equipped with a clip-on handlebar, rear sets, front disc brake and 10-inches wheels in front and rear. And what more, its engine boasts the best power (4.5ps) in all MONKEY series, and it has a good riding-performance in different level with other MONKEY models. There is MONKEY RT as a derived model in image of a dual purpose model.

High-performance parts used for MONKEY R are often used for tuning of MONKEY, but the parts supply situation has become severe because it already passed for 20 years from finishing the production. It is rare motorcycle to ride with an attention because of a small number of motorcycle production.

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