[Test Ride Review] “KLX125” is Back!! -Genuine 125 to Enjoy Off-Road Freely

  • 28/11/2016

KLX125 is the one to be specialized in off-road ride by using the same power unit as D- tracker/KLX250.

The biggest difference is that KLX wears 19-inch front and 16-inch rear off-road tires, whereas D-tracker wears 14-inch front/rear on-road tires. KLX also has the designated upright fork, and the suspension stroke was changed from 150 for D-Tracker to 175.

It features simply designed air-cooled 4 stroke single cylinder engine as same as D-tracker, and The number of the teach of driven sprocket is increased by 3, whereas D-tracker has 44 teeth. This final ratio will help you have a better jump start.

Also, the body work is all reconsidered and all numeric data for the caster, the trail, the handle steering angles (Left and Right), the wheel base, the minimum ground clearance and the seat height are all set exclusively for KLX.

It has been such a long time since 125cc class had an off-road model with 4 stroke. The creation of KLX will bring back the fun not just of riding in the city or touring but also of off-road touring and mini-motocross back to us as well. Dirt bikes will tell us the origin of the fun we can have through motorcycles!!


KLX125 wears designated 19 inch front tire and 16 inch rear tire to be balanced with the chassis, and is loaded with the telescopic front fork. Available in 2colors, Lime Green and Bright White.


Air-cooled OHC2 valve single cylinder engine, which is the same as one loaded on D Tracker 125, marks 10.2 PS. It also has an fuel injection and a self starter, so you can recover yourself quickly form falling on the off-road. The fuel tank is 7L.


The 16 inch rear wheel has Φ190mm petal disc, and the mono shock rear suspension has 180mm stroke. The ground clearance is 255mm, and this is enough for dirt bikes. We can expect a great ride out of it like its big brother, KLX250.


It is adopt with a lightweight Φ240mm single petal disc brake. Telescopic front fork with Φ33mm inner tube has 180mm wheel travel to achieve the necessary run-through performance.


It is loaded with the light weight full digital meter unit with high visibility. It has not only the digital speedometer and bar graph tachometer but also clock/odd meter and twin trip meter.


Comparing to D-tracker 125, KLX125 has less ground touchability due to the seat height. However, this is something I come up with if told I had to do so. I bet many people would not think anything of it. How you position your self on it will make you fell like going for a ride freely.
(Height=171cm Weight=63kg)


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