Honda MSX stunning 125 CC.


Honda MSX 125 employers are choosing to buy more toys brands from Japan, USA, Taiwan on the left hand. Together watching the gorgeous Honda MSX 125 degrees with boys toy brand of Hanoi.


No noisy clubs, boys choose their own capital, the Honda MSX 125 favorites and experience the feeling of the vehicle with genuine brand toys. Buy a Honda dealer MSX125 from about 3 months ago, up to now the “Car Monkey” by Nguyen Duc, Ha boys into becoming vehicles “UN” when mounted on his many toys from Japan, Taiwan and the US After studying many styles of motorcycles from the water, he was looking to buy the toy favorite brand of MSX 125 degrees for your driver. Most important parts of the car were his 125 Honda MSX equipped motorcycle parts imported from abroad.


Reportedly, the total money to buy toys for children’s car 125 degrees boys MSX capital of over VND300 million. Along with the initial vehicle purchase price, the German Honda MSX125 worth nearly 400 million. Among the imported items, most notably as the dry cone. Ministry of dried insect SMR (Sex Machine Racing) fitted to the Honda original MSX 125 degrees from Taiwan to enter, but then he decided to learn to take place more trust in quality, then notebook through water air. It is also the most expensive item in the details of, consume nearly 50 million.


Vehicular passion he experienced help of the car itself. Prior to Honda MSX125 degrees, he used to life for Honda Dream and a CD50 is unfinished. In a small corner of the house, equipped with all the gear German served for passion stock car around.


Admire the images of the Honda MSX stunning 125 degree nearly 400 million:

Car only a few original details such as mirrors, steering wheel cover, still. Black white red stamp sets from the US helped Yoshimura car looks sportier. Remember Hurricane Designs Cubman east.


Racing Boy power steering and temperature gauges on a beautiful 125 degrees Honda MSX

Vehicles equipped with Brembo brakes, carbon fiber front fenders.

Over Racing exhaust pipes fitted to vehicles made entirely of titanium.

Over Racing swingarm with shock strut brace Honda MSX 125 is assembled onto its selectivity.

MSX 125 Honda engine is the place to be changed to dry cone as well as increase the efficiency of the intervention as Dynojet Power Commander 5 machines and Wideband 2, throat and K & N air Chimera. Stock FI smoking and expanded mode.

The details are neatly shaped.

Ohlins rear shocks on the MSX 125 of nearly 400 million

Honda MSX stunning 125 degrees with many of the boys toys Hanoi effect is impressive and class. Child car can also currently be playing level of auto enthusiasts Vietnam when large amounts of money to care little for their drivers love.

Information Source: Webike Vietnam

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